Is It Hard To Find A Beat (Music) To A Song?

Is It Hard To Find A Beat (Music) To A Song? Topic: How to write a fun song
July 18, 2019 / By Addie
Question: Me and my friend are partners for music. I'm the one who is making the music and she is making the lyrics. We already wrote one song and all but, if we write another one, i need help. So is it hard to find a beat to a song? Please don't say anything like : If it's a sad song make it slow, if it's exciting make it fast
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Talbot Talbot | 4 days ago
well yes it does depend on what the message of the song is lik how the song im istening now is loud but its talking about imperfection (imperfection by skillet) but it doesnt matter if u want 2 make a sad song fast cuz mayb ur so sad u just have so much 2 say or wat ever. it just matters on how u feel when u sing the song so get ur parner and have her or u sing it and ask or tell how u think it should go at serten parts. lik if ur mad at this part how should it go? ur sad here ur whispering here ur yelling here ya no and then pauses in between the words where does she plan 2 pauses and how yea gonna play it there hop i helped have fun
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