Do you think most people spend too much money on education?

Do you think most people spend too much money on education? Topic: College papers for free
July 18, 2019 / By Adelicia
Question: Don't you think sending your kids to private schools that cost as much as elite colleges is a bit excessive? Think about how much money that could turn into if invested in an index fund and left to compound until the kid's retirement. I went to crappy public schools all my life, and I got a 1540/1600 SAT and acceptance into a variety of top colleges. If you want to learn, you will learn. And for students, isn't it foolish to rack up $100,000+ in debt just to get an undergraduate degree? Undergrad isn't all that important compared to grad school. Wouldn't it make more sense to save up for the more meaningful diploma? Resources for advanced study are available on the internet for free. I think conceptions regarding education in today's society are way off mark.
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Teague Teague | 2 days ago
"most people" don't spend enough on their education. "Most people" didn't spend $100,000 on their undergrad (or grad) degree because "most people" don't have one. [over 70% of the US population have no college degree] "Most people" also don't spend too much on private schooling for their children because, in this country, "most people" attend a public school and spend nothing at all in comparison. No, I'd say "most people" are sadly undereducated for the very reason that they don't want to spend any money on their education or training. They want it offered for free and even when it is offered for free they complain that it's just too much trouble to get it. Some people are even offered the opportunity to be paid while becoming educated/trained and they complain they aren't being paid enough. No, "most people" simply don't value education at all. They do, however, value those pieces of paper you get when you complete each step - they'll pay good money to "buy" one of those. Just don't try to bother them with any education in the process of getting it. "Some people" send their kids off to private schools. Usually their reasoning is not primarily about the education. They may send them there for contacts, for safety, for the appearances factor, or even for religious reasons. They usually list "to get a better education" further down the list. In fact, when given a choice of public schools, they often pick based on issues other than education quality first. Who has the best athletics program is a common high factor. You are correct that our society has misconceptions about education. It's not the cost that they're not understanding though. What they aren't understanding is the true value and where to get it. Some businesses (colleges and universities are a business, if they were a charity they'd offer their wares for free) have seen this and have decided that they can make a pretty buck or two selling dreams to those who are confused. That's capitalism at work for you. The people you're referring to aren't spending money on "an education" - they're buying (or at least attempting to buy) a socio-economic marker. It's no different than buying a Mercedes instead of an old Ford in order to "look better" socially. It's no different than buying a nice pair of imported leather shoes - they look good with that suit. A Mercedes with no wheels and imported leathers with your ragged jeans don't really get the intended job done though. Just as an expensive "education" that didn't include any learning isn't very helpful in life either. But, if you want to pay full price for a Mercedes with no wheels, go for it. It's your money.
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Phallu Phallu
Yes. 100K debt can get racked up at Public Universities here in PA! It's absurd. It's not economically feasible to go that deep into debt, then get a job paying 30 or 40K a year. Especially when you can do a free union apprenticeship in pipe fitting, or go to a far cheaper trade school for a certificate in welding, or electrical work, and get paid better, and have benefits and a pension.
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Lyndon Lyndon
Some people have money to waste. Yes, I think it's ridiculous to spend more than a few thousand on high school (my public school system sucked and private school was cheap at the time) or college (anyone who should be going can get scholarships to cover most of it) and even grad school (any degree worth getting will pay YOU to get it), but hey, that's just me. Some people don't have to worry about money.
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Jeffery Jeffery
No! Spending on practise has skyrocketed by fact the '70s mutually as rankings have not more desirable. Public practise employment has larger at a fee that's 10 situations speedier than student enrollment. in step with-student spending has greater suitable than doubled in inflation adjusted money. loss of investment isn't the subject, instructor's unions are.
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Garnett Garnett
When people have money, spending too much is not an issue. People with little money however, who tries too spend too much, that is a problem.
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I'm split on this one. I think that people should have done their research before getting into these loans. You are right, 40k doesn't pay a 400k mortgage, anyone with basic math skills can see that is a disaster waiting to happen. My bf and I had a combined income of 100k and only bought a 220k house. I am being laid off as of this coming Friday, because I work in a field that supports the Real Estate Market and we are slow, slow, slow. But even if I have to collect unemployment, we can still afford our home. Crazy concept right? People should plan for the worst case scenario & quit blaming others. Don't count on commission, only your salary, and have enough money in the bank that you wont lose your home if your out of a job for a while. That being said... if the governement doesn't do something, but it has to be the right thing, the economy might get even worse and those of us who were smart will be faced with job losses (what if both people in a dual income family lose thier jobs?) & possibly our own foreclosures. It isn't fair, but if they come up with a good plan I will be more than glad about it. Hopefully all of the idiots of the world have learned their lesson... ha-ha... thinking that could happen makes me an idiot too! :)

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