Homework help? plz (: only like 5 questions?

Homework help? plz (: only like 5 questions? Topic: reasons against homework
June 25, 2019 / By Adelyna
Question: 1. Romanticism began in Western Europe in the late A) 1600s. B) 1700s. C) 1800s. D) 1900s. 2. Romanticism was a revolt against A) authority. B) rationalism. C) society’s expectations. D) all of the above 3. The Romantic period emphasized __________ over intellect and reason. A) thoughtlessness B) imagination and emotions C) conformity D) society’s expectations 4. What advantage did American Romantics have over European Romantics? A) more established cities B) unexplored wilderness C) investigated wilderness D) The American Romantics did not have an advantage over European Romantics. 5. Romanticism is characterized as promoting individualism, a heightened sense of passion and emotion, interest in the supernatural and sad, and A) a lack of interest in nature. B) a devotion to authority. C) a belief that man is not born good. D) belief in free thought and religion.
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Originally Answered: Isn't it exploitative for these kids on here to be asking questions that are specifically homework questions?
1. It is known that Carbon is naturally available in many forms. peat, lignite, bituminous, anthracite coal, Graphite, and finally Diamond. The Graphite under tremendous heat and pressure undergoes Metamorphism to convert the same into Diamond. This principle is used in laboratories and under controlled conditions the artificial diamonds are made. The inter molecular space is reduced to the least and thus the hardness is increased to the maximum. 2. Plate tectonics is a science of long time observation, and establishment of tenable facts into a theory. It is not verifiable under controlled conditions like Diamond's formation. Maritime plates are of higher density than that of the continental plates. Volcanic activity and seismic activity in the edges of the plates give enough evidence to support what is postulated in the hypothesis. The over all similarity of the eastern coast of South America, and the Western coast of Africa; with the 'S' pattern of the Mid Atlantic Ridge are guide lines to the Geologists.
Originally Answered: Isn't it exploitative for these kids on here to be asking questions that are specifically homework questions?
while you're helpful that the length is a million.5 cms or greater, then fifty seven cms is the only valid answer. answer d skill that the pelicans beak is in basic terms approximately 6 meters or 18 feet long. To get basically 21 cms for the surely length the dimensions drawing might could desire to be approximately 0.8 cms. i think of the point of the question is for the student to visual show unit how the two small and massive variations interior the dimensions drawing are meditated directly to the surely situation being scaled.

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