I got my second violation within 5 months just for this question?

I got my second violation within 5 months just for this question? Topic: How to write a person's profile
July 18, 2019 / By Adisson
Question: Question: How long must i cry? Question Details: How long do I have to try to find happiness again? Deleted Answer: Don't waste your time on crying. Daanin mo na lang sa kantahan, enjoy ka pa...:) I admit, i used Filipino or Tagalog since this question was being posted on TRAVEL > ASIA PACIFIC > PHILIPPINES and but forgot to enclosed it in double " ". I read a lot of answer written in Filipino or Tagalog or even on other category written with their own language, some even forgot to translate it in english... Is there anything wrong about using Filipino or Tagalog language? To Allan Y: Might be a stalker, cause i post my answer around 3 pm yesterday but i didn't received this violation email til i go to bed before 12midnight. I compare it to my first violation email, that in an instance i received an email after i post my answer just within 5 minutes. To Eezy_jex: I already sent my appeal after i read my violation email. To Bato: Yep, he is the one i am talking too and he is such a funny guy... To Nanda: I am a Filipino by birth. Yes, khushi is an indian word and an indian friend of mine give me that name. If i have this "stalker", don't you think i have to set my profile to private now? I am thinking about this an hour ago...
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Tenney Tenney | 2 days ago
Khushi, I take it that you are of Indian origin, right dear ?! ...The Yahoo! Answers Moderators never seem to detect any 'violation' on their own - and, from what I keep noticing, they simply delete a Question or Answer when it receives more than 3 violation reports, from other Answerers ! ...Someone must be 'stalking' you - and 'reporting violations', simply because he/she does not like your views/presence in Yahoo! Answers. He/she must be using multiple IDs, or getting the aid of personal friends, to be able to get your Questions/Answers deleted that fast, in minutes ! ...As the old adage goes "There is no use crying over spilt milk", and the sensible thing to do is to simply move on - and move ahead... That way, the person(s) who tried to hurt you will not get the satisfaction that their bolt struck home ! ...Incidentally, according to our Yahoo! Answers' Community Guidelines, the use of any language other than English is only permitted if it is accompanied by a translation in English : So, why not spare an extra minute, or two, to add it too - since it will surely help those who do not know Tagalog, or Visayan, to understand what is being discussed ! 'Khushi', in Hindi/Urdu means 'happiness' : So, stop worrying dear, and smile ! :-))
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Tenney Originally Answered: Is it only a violation to answer a question that is a Chat violation?
It doesn't matter what the question is, as long as your answer is following the rules, rule #1 being, answer the question AND does not also include any other violation. http://help.yahoo.com/l/mye/yahoo/answers/abuse/guidelines-04.html The problem is, some who report a chat violation will report all the answers first, then the Q. The answer should only be reported if it does not answer the quesiton or contains some other violation. In my personal opinion, there are some answers to violating Qs that should always be reported, such as when the Q is inviting chat and gossip about another user. Everyone who answers is in violation for chatting and gossiping about that user. Another time would be someone making a racist statement and all the answerers who agree with the asker are in violation for being racist. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS ONLY AN EXAMPLE and sorry to offend but I must give an example. Should we shoot down every filthy Mexican who tries to cross into the US? This answer is an answer but it's a violation: Yeah, blow them all to pieces man! Chat Q: How are you today? Okay A: Just great! Violation A: How are YOU? Violation A: Oh, shut up! Violation A: Just great! Where do you live? Chat Q: Am I pretty? Okay A: Yes, you're beautiful! Okay A: Not really. Maybe update your hairstyle. Violation A: You look like a hooker. Violation A: Oh, look everyone, an attention whore! Violation A: Yeah, I'd do you in a heartbeat. Chat Q: Do you like my poem? Okay A: It's pretty good. Keep writing. :) Violation A: What kind of garbage is this? Get off Yahoo! Violation A: me no speaka unglish Violation A: How old are you, five?

Phineas Phineas
So you are saying he was supposed to serve an additional 6 months jail time and 5 years probation for the second DUI? On top of these 2 DUI's he also has a felony? (because only in EXTREME situations would a first or second DUI be a felony). He's got a lengthy record and probation violations. It's impossible to know for sure without all the facts, but if the PO is saying 3 years, it very well might be. The PO would have no reason to tell him 3 years if it wasn't so. The excuse about the job out of state will not fly either. He is in A LOT of trouble.***Something is still missing with what you are saying. They don't normally close a case because someone violates probation. He must have done some real damage if his DUI is being charged as a felony! The positive words that the detective said that he is going to say don't really carry much weight. The judge will take it into consideration, but the PO's opinion is going to carry more weight. It is really up to the judge. It could go either way, but prepare for the worst...I don't think this will turn out the way that you want it to. Good luck.
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Madai Madai
I do sympathise with anyone who wants to use their mother tongue here at Yahoo but their guidelines do state that English is the language to be used but I don't think you will receive a violation if you write in Tagalog along with an English translation. I have seen answers go within 30 minutes of being posted (one was mine) so Yahoo probably has some sort of filter in place. One of Yahoos favourites is if you don't actually answer the question (lost 2 to that one) e.g 'How do I get to Manila from Batangas" answer "I don't know" wham violation
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Jehonathan Jehonathan
Just like the two good guys above me said (Allan Y and MyNameIsAnya).... put a translation for your tagalog post and when you receive a violation notice, write an appeal. I got lots of violation notices too, luckily my account was not suspended.
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Gaylon Gaylon
we sometimes get pass the guidelines by adding the english translation in parenthesis. i myself have been violated so many times in the past for petty violations of the guidelines while other users posting q's with the same violations were not deleted. i was reported by a stalker.
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Gaylon Originally Answered: I Just Asked A Question About Violation Notices Why Does This Keep Happening?
The violation is because of the way you worded the question although very harsh on you to have it removed. It you had put "Who misses the show Drake and Josh and why?", it would have followed the questions and answers format and would have been safe (hopefully!)

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