I would appreciate some help picking an AKC name for my dog?

I would appreciate some help picking an AKC name for my dog? Topic: How to write a registration form
May 26, 2019 / By Adriana
Question: I am getting ready to register my puppy with the AKC, I love the Fleetwood Mac song Rhiannon.The Goddess Rhiannon rode a white horse and traveled with 3 birds that had healing powers. The birds appear in various Celtic symbols.Rhiannon is the name of a Welsh goddess. According to myth. Plus it's a beautiful song! Can someone please help me come up with an appropriate AKC name for her? She is a doberman pinsche, as you can tell I've never done this before! I'd love to enter her in a show at some point. So I want her to have a beautiful name that stands out from all the other dogs. I really appreciate everyone's help with this.I want her name to be "Rhiannon" Let me make this correction. This puppy is 6 weeks old. I pick her up from the breeder in 2 weeks. I'm asking for help naming her before I go pick her up!
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Terrence Terrence | 9 days ago
If she is suppose to be a show potential puppy, I'll eat my hat. That puppy doesn't appear to be over 6 weeks old, and no show potential puppy would be sold at that age. Besides that, in the US, show breeders have their puppies show cropped prior to going to their new homes, and that includes the pet puppies from the litter. The breeder would also REQUIRE you to have their kennel name as the prefix on her registration papers. In fact, they would write that name in themselves to make SURE the kennel name was on the registration papers. I'm not trying to discourage you form participating in AKC venues, but that puppy is NOT a conformation prospect. If there is a kennel name, that would go first, otherwise I'd suggest Rhiannon's Fleetwood Mac. Also, start clipping her nails! Her ears can be cropped between 8-12 weeks old, but you had better find a Vet to crop them who knows how to do a nice show crop. FACT: You did NOT buy this puppy from a show breeder!
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Piper Piper
Rhiannons Song -0r- How about Fleetwoods Stevie Nicks (and you call her Rhiannon) Most registered dogs use kennel names or noteworthy bloodlines in the dog's registered names. Even if this puppy isn't show quality for conformation, you can still show her in performance events, like obedience and agility - or if you are a youngster - in 4-H dog competitions. There is nothing wrong with showing a dog just for a hobby and the fun of it all.
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Mahlah Mahlah
Well I know we aren't going to walk away with AKC Best in Show. But when I get her from the breeder in 2 weeks I want to have a beautiful name picked out for her. This is my very first AKC dog.
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Jehu Jehu
Well before you do that why don' you ask her breeder if she is show quality? Most Dobermans need to have their ears cropped and tails docked to be a show dog. I think that name is fine... what about Rhiannon Flightwood? Wood for the song flight for the goddess?
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Geffrey Geffrey
FYI there are many different breeds that the AKC that are allowed to be shown NATURAL meaning not cropped or docked. Most show kennels will insist on their kennel name being attached to it for example I had a papillon who's registered name was CH Medleys Catcher of Wings but for short we called him tagger
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Dicky Dicky
If you are going to show, it is traditional to start with the name of the kennel she came from and one (usually the stud but not always) names. For example, our Grand Champion stud was purchased as a pup from Medley Kennels. His sire was Medley's Lion Lord and he is a Blue chow. We named him Medley's Lord Lion Blue and call him lord. That song cane out when I was 18. I loved it too. Since I sew, I used to copy all of stevie nicks stage clothes and even wore my hair all crazy like hers. lol
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