Lol this homework is easy and dont feel like wasting time tell me the answer.?

Lol this homework is easy and dont feel like wasting time tell me the answer.? Topic: Angles and their measures homework
July 18, 2019 / By Adriane
Question: A 'snooker' table (measuring 8 metres by 4m) with 4 'pockets' (measuring 0.5m and placed at diagonal slants in all 4 corners) contains 10 balls (each with a diameter of 0.25m) placed at the following coords: 2m,1m...(white ball) ...and red balls... 1m,5m... 2m,5m... 3m,5m 1m,6m... 2m,6m... 3m,6m 1m,7m... 2m,7m... 3m,7m The white ball is then shot at a particular angle from 0 to 360 degrees (0 being north, and going clockwise). Just to make it clear, a ball is 'potted' if at least half of the ball is in area of the 'pocket' Assuming the balls travel indefinitely (i.e. no loss of energy via friction, air resistance or collisions), answer the following: a: What exact angle/s should you choose to ensure that all the balls are potted the quickest? b: What is the minimum amount of contacts the balls can make with each other before they are all knocked in? c: Same as b, except that each ball - just before it is knocked in - must not have hit the white ball on its previous contact (must be a red instead of course). d: What proportion of angles will leave the white ball the last on the table to be potted
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Best Answers: Lol this homework is easy and dont feel like wasting time tell me the answer.?

Originally Answered: I feel like I'm wasting my time as a young girl, what should I do?
you know what ive learned. you need to live life one day at a time. i used to feel exactly like you. im 21. i felt like i was wasting my life. i wanted to achieve so much in the blink of an eye which is not how it works and that expectation will make you miserable. also dont put all your eggs in one basket. dont make your whole life about one thing. heres what you need to do. live life one day at a time. enjoy today. dont stress out. be happy about your loved ones. take care of them. surround yourself with good people. and do what you love everyday. what makes you happy. whether its writing, volunteering, painting, building, ect. and one day you will reach your dream and even if you dont(not that you wont) atleast you know that you never wasted a single day of your life because you lived every day and you were happy every day. i no longer live in the future or past. i live in the now. i have huge dreams and passions and talents. i wanted to be a successful author and fashion designer. ever since i was a little girl. every day i was so anxious. every minute was miserable. i thought i couldnt be truly happy unti i reached my dream. but i was wrong. your life is important. every day is important. and you are only wasting your life when you dont appreciate how precious every second of life is. one of the best ways to make your life meaningful is by surrounding yourself by god people and taking care of those relationships. one man did a test. he was speaking at a seminar of a few hundred people and gave everyone a balloon. he told them to write their name on it and put all the balloons in one room. he told them to find their balloon in 5 minute. no one found their balloon. then he told them to each pick up one balloon an give it to who it belongs to. in 5 minutes everyone had their balloon. we are looking for happiness in all the wrong places. when you give someone else their happiness you find yours. now everyday i just live one day at a time. i have great friends and a great family. i dont keep negativity in my life. i know how to approach conflicts. i am understanding, patient and compassionate. i put others first but i also take care of my needs. everyday i work on my writings and designs because its what i love. i make sure i do my homework and exercise. i spend time with friends and family. im saving up for fabric to make dresses so i can enter a fashion show. but i no longer live in the future. im no longer anxious. i live one day at a time. i love myself and accept myself. and life. be happy. you deserve it. dont waste your days being miserable because of what you dont have. just be greatful and live.
Originally Answered: I feel like I'm wasting my time as a young girl, what should I do?
33 is not old at all but if you want to build a family you are at a point where if you don't start looking then you may miss your shot. I would talk to some of your friends to see if they have any suggestions or maybe people you could meet. You probably don't want to wait till you're 43 to settle down but I wouldn't rush things either. Be proactive but don't be desperate. Also, married w/ kids may seem like a fairy tale kind of life, and it worked for your cousin but is that you? Is it what you really want? Do you even like kids? Both a husband and a child require enormous sacrifice and compromise, are you really willing to put your career on hold and change your life so drastically? I think you need to think about this very deeply. As for a husband. If you're worried about money being a problem you may want to look for men with similar or slightly less earning power than you. Money is a blessing and a curse and you may get fake attention from people who see your wallet as a way to better their life. Also, I've noticed that many career women are accustomed to very nice things and can be quite picky. That being said, I would not try to hold out for the perfect man. Everyone has flaws and it will require a lot of maturity on your part to decide what you can and cannot spend the rest of your life with. Honestly though, if you're diligent and you are willing to open your heart up to another person then I see no reason why you cannot have the life that you want.

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