I Have an HP laptop that I sent to get repaired two months ago?

I Have an HP laptop that I sent to get repaired two months ago? Topic: Case saver
June 21, 2019 / By Adriannah
Question: I had left the screen saver on for about 9 hours. When I came home there was a visible verticle burn mark on my screen. That shouldn't happen so I called them. At first they told me it wasn't under warranty, (which it was, I had only had it for a month). Now I can't get anyone to call me back. I have left several voice mails for my case managers. They are giving me the run-around. So what should I do? I just want my computer back!!!
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Thaddeus Thaddeus | 3 days ago
Ask for their public relations officer and demand that they ship you a new laptop immediatley or you will take legal action, possibly with the better business bureau. Kep all documentation at hand. If it fails, which is unlikely, you should go ahead and call the better business beareau. Do not speak nicely with them. Rather you shoul;d sound rude and angry and threathen to take action. Works all the time, trust me.
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Kind of reminds me of my answer to your illegal immigrant question and all the jobs going overseas. I can't even call my LOCAL bank without getting my call routed to southeast India with people who not only don't speak English and read from cue cards, but their accent to their bad English is so bad, I don't even recognize it as English and when I ask to speak to someone who speaks English their response is "I speaka Inglese". Then I ask to speak to an American, and they put me thru to a Spanish speaking person (our new number one language). I have never liked HP anything, and as for your question 'How long does it take?' Ask the wise old owl on the old tootsie roll commercials. . . one, two, three. . . we may never know how many it takes. . . no one is patient enough to really find out without just giving up!
Thaddeus Originally Answered: Why does HP Hewlitt Packard take over 2 months to fix and return a laptop?
Just about to buy a new laptop, thanx for the warning, I'll steer clear of that make, hope yours is sorted soon x

Porter Porter
Strange ... HP has one of the best rated call centers in the world. Have you verified your warranty ? Was is a new unit or a refurb ? If you are sure of the warranty status I suggest you send a letter (with all relevant info, copy of receipt, case numbers , etc ...) to their corporate office ( Attention: Complaint Department) & explain the situation. Hewlett-Packard Company 3000 Hanover Street Palo Alto, CA 94304-1185 USA Phone: (650) 857-1501 Fax: (650) 857-5518 Hewlett-Packard (Canada) Co. 5150 Spectrum Way Mississauga, Ontario L4W 5G1 Phone: (905) 206-4725 Fax: (905) 206-4739 There is no reason why they won't help you if you are entitled to support. regards, Philip T
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Maitland Maitland
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