In greek mythology, What does Aphrodite fear? (More at the bottom)?

In greek mythology, What does Aphrodite fear? (More at the bottom)? Topic: Greek homework
May 26, 2019 / By Adrianne
Question: what does she give? What would she like to see? and who is she a resident of? Please help me, i can't find any of these answers. Anything is great, its for a homework assignment. Thanks =) <333 Sarah
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Best Answers: In greek mythology, What does Aphrodite fear? (More at the bottom)?

Thadeus Thadeus | 4 days ago
Aphrodite was the Ancient Greek Goddess of love and beauty? She gives love She likes to see people in love Shes a resident of Mt. Olympus?
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Premislas Premislas
IN THINKING LIKE AN INSTRUCTOR. 1. She fears she will not receive the Golden Apple. 2. She gives Helen's love to Paris. 3. She abandons her Olympus and a husband for Adonis. 4. She is a resident of Olympus, but she spends, at least, ten years helping those of Troy.
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Major Major
I believe Aphrodite would fear of not being thought of as the most beautiful goddess of Olympus. I believe this is so because in the story of Troy, she persuaded Paris in choosing her over Athena and Hera as the most beautiful goddess of Olympus by awarding her the apple of Eris. In return, Aphrodite promise Paris that he would have the heart of the most beautiful woman in the mortal world, Helen. Since she is the goddess of love, she does not only inspire sexual love but also affection that sustains social life and continuity. She is a resident of Olympus.
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Jep Jep
I think she fears of mortal girls prettier than her and having attention and worship away from her. Like that girl Psyche to whom Cupid fell for. Her own son! Did that help?
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Geoffrey Geoffrey
I am not sure what she fears... But she gives love? and love potions? She likes to see people in love, and tell people's futures in love. Resident of Mount Olympias. (Spelling?)
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