So, what would you do if things like the following were your worry 7 days a week and death threats exchanged?

So, what would you do if things like the following were your worry 7 days a week and death threats exchanged? Topic: Content writing agency uk
July 19, 2019 / By Adrie
Question: Tue, October 5, 2010 4:41:30 PMRe: COMMANDER YAW From: Robert Dean Burlison II Add to Contacts To: commander yaw hanser Cc: [email protected]; @yahoo.com --------------------------------------... The $1,500 is impossible in advance, but easy AFTER I receive the gold and sell some. I believe my woman must be with me to sell, so I estimate 2 weeks after delivery we can send $1,500. Mention this to your boss, otherwise it appears to be yet another 419 attempt. I will be contacting authorities at phone numbers I am sure of regarding this matter. Plus a copy of this email is going to former US President Carter to maybe affect his charity work in Ghana. I am going to push for a foreign aid Bill (law) in which those who are scammed by citizens of a country are at least partially repaid out of the appropriated aid money BEFORE it is given to the country. I get less than $12,000 a year on a military disability pension, and in less than a year I am in the hole for about $13,500 and I am angry. I cannot speak for my Government, but as a citizen voter, I am prepared to look the other way ( as with the Terrorists in Guantanamo Bay ) for whatever means it takes to stop scammers. Something is definitely wrong with the $1,500 requirement. We have already paid the half percent of market value to DHL for shipping and insurance. We paid $5,250 for 25 kilograms to be shipped. Somehow my subaccount got on this reply. Please reply to @frontier.com ----- Original Message ----- From: commander yaw hanser To: Robert Dean Burlison II Sent: Tuesday, October 05, 2010 2:26 PM Subject: COMMANDER YAW Dear Robert Dean Burlison II. Sir, Your apology is accepted. I do have busy days all so. Well my friend, your good will be delivered to you as soon as I contact my boos that You have paid for the diplomatic cargo charge which is only $1,500. To the accountant (NWOSU EMMANUEL) before the Gold will be shipped out of Ghana. You need not to pay for any Anti-Terrorist Certificate to anybody or agencies; the Government has closed all that from all old Clients. Sir, I wish I can advise you to act fast is that your goods will go with the 25boxes that will be moving on Friday. I hope to hear from you as soon as you can. Air-port Commander. Yaw. +233-243-670-xxx --- On Tue, 10/5/10, Robert Dean Burlison II <@frontier.com> wrote: From: Robert Dean Burlison II <@frontier.com> Subject: Robert Burlison USA To: [email protected] Date: Tuesday, October 5, 2010, 6:48 PM My apology for taking so long to send this email. It was a case like the military, " hurry up and wait "; nothing for hours, then 3 tasks at once. I would appreciate the package delivered to me at ... Robert D. Burlison Benton, IL, U.S.A. Tel: 1 618 Email: I would like delivery as soon as possible, but if I have a choice, after 12:00 noon and before 2:30 pm so I can move it to the bank. Contents of package should be 25 kilograms of gold. Sender is Amatu Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx Thank you Commander Yaw, Robert Dean Burlison II Y! Messenger PS. My fiancĂ© Amatu has already lost 7 kilograms to a crooked UPS Ghana L.T.D. agent named XXXX Ismael and the gold supposedly ended up in the hands of Grace XXXXX, a citizen of the UK. She refused a $30,000 reward, but demanded about $500 for an Anti-Terrorist Certificate which my Embassy says is a scam. Obviously, she can't send the gold for $30,000 because she does not have it. However, to know about the gold, she must know Xxxx Ismael and his whereabouts. @yahoo.co.uk +44757....... but her speech is virtually impossible to understand. SOME ADDRESSES AND NUMBERS CHANGED TO PROTECT THE INNOCENT AND GUILTY.
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Best Answers: So, what would you do if things like the following were your worry 7 days a week and death threats exchanged?

Thady Thady | 5 days ago
This is a total scam. If you have paid any money at all, it is gone. There is no gold, there is no Commander Yaw. there are no Diplomats, assistants, secretaries, There is a scammer in an internet cafe somewhere in west Africa stealing your money. If you have sent any money, and I will make a guess and say it was by Western Union, it is long gone. We have 525 seperate posts made here http://www.scamwarners.com/forum/search.php?sid=7aa0f57389d22178d4a28cc310465894 detailing various gold dust, gold nuggets, gold in trunk boxes, gold dealers, gold sellers. The phone numbers you give above, I presume they were all 4470 numbers? this is a redirect number that transfers the call to anywhere in the world. This is a scam, totally and completely. Stop writing, replying and block the scammers from your inbox. Do not reply to phone calls, do not believe the next lot of emails saying they can help you recover the money you have lost. Please read this forum www.scamwarners.com and you will see how many different types of gold and recovery scams there are at present on our files. Do not send any money, you will never receive any gold, you will lose all money you do send. John Delaney
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Thady Originally Answered: Why do Christians issue death threats?
Probably the same reason that Muslims and Hebrews do. They feel passionate about a subject and feel that they have no other recourse than to threaten someone's life in order to get their message heard.
Thady Originally Answered: Why do Christians issue death threats?
For the same reason Muslims issue death threats for naming a teddy bear Mohamed. The reason is religious fanaticism. A small (hopefully) portion of any group of people is going to be "extreme" about their beliefs. They see any opinion differing from theirs as an attack on their whole system and therefore they justify the ultimate punishment for the opposing party. Those small segments also seem to be the most vocal. The vast majority of them are passive, understanding and considerate of others views. I have to say the most evolved of us would be more tolerant of each other. Please don't make assumptions about all of us because of a few loudmouths.
Thady Originally Answered: Why do Christians issue death threats?
Satan works just as hard on Christians as he does on non-Christians. Remember, many shall come in His Name...they will claim to be Christians, but they are not. We can't say who is and who isn't. That's why you shouldn't judge the whole religion based on what a few or even several hundred people say or do. I do believe Pat Robertson speaks boldly and in a very opinionated manner but I stand by most of what he says.

Premyslas Premyslas
This looks like a bunch of spam to me and I sure hope you have not put any money into any accounts. I would make copies of all this and file a police report and report it as phishing and stop communicating with the idiot.
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Premyslas Originally Answered: Is it illegal to send death threats?
It is illegal; however, you must have done something really "messed" up to get on this guys bad side. I would like to hear what you did for this guy to write you a letter like this one.
Premyslas Originally Answered: Is it illegal to send death threats?
YES, it's not only ILLEGAL but, if something were to happen to you, in a serious life-threatening manner, he will be the FIRST person of Interest! Honestly? He sounds very Immature, Childlike, Doofus Macho wanna be, Buffoon and extremely INSECURE! I don't know if the Police will/can do anything BUT, I would let 'some people' know about the Letter.....just incase!

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