Can you use/cite images in a history paper?

Can you use/cite images in a history paper? Topic: write college papers
July 18, 2019 / By Aeryn
Question: I'm writing a paper for a 300 level college history class. The topic is U.S. policy changes following the Vietnam War, and I wanted to show a war poster from WWII and then contrast that with a war poster from the Vietnam era. I won't count the pictures towards my length requirement (5 pages), and will only add them in once I am done and my paper meets the expectations of my professor.
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Theo Theo | 7 days ago
Yes, it is fine and a great enhancement to your paper. The MLA has a standard for citing images. You can find it here (go to the very bottom of the web page): http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resour... That is from Purdue University. It is a great website. By the way, I also created a website with links, instructional tips and shortcuts, and everything I have gathered about writing papers from answering these questions on Yahoo Answers. You may find something helpful for this assignment or a future assignment. It is a small website, with no ads: http://users.wowway.com/~amerimama/index... Good luck to you!
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If you have a quote, you need to cite directly after the quote. ex. "the skeleton ran out of shampoo in the shower" (Franco, 6). If you have a section that was directly influenced by another person's idea, you need to cite them at the end of that section. If you have multiple citations in a row by the same author, you can just put the page number for all but the first one.
Theo Originally Answered: When to Cite in a Paper?
If it is something you knew without reading it then you do not have to cite it. But, if you take they're facts and opinions, even if you tweak it a bit, then you are correct in putting the name at the end in parenthesis. Also do not forget a works cited page stapled to your paper. If you need help with that go to: www.easybib.com Good Luck
Theo Originally Answered: When to Cite in a Paper?
If your summarizing/paraphrasing another persons article... you need to cite it. However, you also need to cite what the person actually says too. Good luck!

Price Price
*I think you should be ok and would actually be a good idea if it relates to the paper. You might also just be able to attach it as an apendix*
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Alright under APA references your source would be considered a document from a website and is considered "grey literature". Cite this in this format. author's name, publication date ( put date in parentheses), title (title should be italicized), and URL. Give your date of access only if the source has no date or if its content is likely to change. Here's an example Smith, J. (2011, Nov. 1). Website stuff. (italicized). Retrieved from http://www. website.com/ stuff Make sure you use in text citation and that you have a single phrase to introduce your source. If you have trouble citing stuff you should consider getting a book called "A Pocket Style Manual" by Diana Hacker try to get the 5th edition. The book only costs a few dollars and it explains how to cite sources in MLA, APA, and Chicago formats. I imagine you would find it extremely helpful. Hope this helps
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