Misdeamenor charge?

Misdeamenor charge? Topic: Dismissed case still on record
July 19, 2019 / By Africa
Question: I just would like to know if a person goes to court on a misdemeanor chage and it gets threw out..Will this be on your record, and how do i find out if it is or not....who do I ask and will they tell me? the case was dismissed
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Originally Answered: How bad is this charge?
It was your car, so yes, he could charge you with it. It's unlikely, though, that any DA would try to make a case based on such a minor issue.
Originally Answered: How bad is this charge?
Any controlled substance in your posession is usually a bad thing, even if you claim it isn't yours you can still be charged with posession. However, the charge likely would not stick due to the number of people in your car, especially if you had been ferrying several car loads of people around. IE: A taxicab driver would not be charged for a dimebag of marijuana found in the back seat if it can be reasonably assumed it's not his.

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