Just got a 6 month old English Bulldog wont stop peeing in the house what do i do?

Just got a 6 month old English Bulldog wont stop peeing in the house what do i do? Topic: Checking english papers
July 18, 2019 / By Afrika
Question: About 2 weeks ago I got a 6 month old English bulldog. i got him out of the paper from a family with 6 children living in an apartment 4 flights up. They also said he came from a breeder. When i did research with his papers i found out his breeder was a puppy mill in Iowa Steve Kruse. I have seen online some other english bulldogs had potty problems too from him. Do you think my dogs problem came from neglect of going out regularly or maybe a defect from how he was bread? How can I fix his problem? I have tried regulating his water, taking him out almost every hour, and he still will walk out of the room and pee a little on the floor.
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Thutmosis Thutmosis | 6 days ago
First, have him checked by a vet to make sure he is healthy. A bladder infection, UTI, and some other conditions will cause uncontrollable dribbling. If he checks out healthy, then could he be showing submissive piddling or excited piddling? If he piddles when someone walks towards him then it could be he is very submissive and/or unsure. Sometimes, puppy bladders take a while to mature and they don’t have full control until almost a year old. It could be a physical defect, such as an underdeveloped sphincter muscle. Tell the vet that other puppies from that mill have similar problems.
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There are several reasons why cats pee in places other then their box. The first thing you should check is the cats health. Sometimes urinary tract infections can cause this. Make an appointment with your vet to make sure this is not the problem. A cat having a UTI that is not treated will harm the cat. If this is ruled out by the vet, the next place to check is your cats stress level. Did you move to a new house/appartment? Moving stresses a cat in a HUGE way. A stressed cat can start doing things it has never done. It will also start marking its space by peeing on things. Did you just bring a new pet into the house? If so, it could be territorial issues. Did you move the cat litter box? Change the furniture? Take away a peice of furniture? Change its food bowl/food type? Cats hate change!! OOOPPPPPSSSS....I just realized I am assuming that the Emma is spayed....Is she???? If not.............thats the first thing you need to check. Before anything else. If she is spayed, sometimes if a female cat is spayed later on in its life, it may pee out side of its box. Especially if there are too many other cats in the house. If she is not spayed....Please, get her spayed. If peeing in boxes was the only place she was going...or ones with paper in them.....she thinks they are for her to pee in. She does not think she is doing anything wrong, she is just doing what she knows.... going pee IN THE BOX! To her...a litter box~~~~~ a box with some papers in it= pee pee box. If its none of the above...try a citrus spray they sell at the Pet supply stores to help keep the cat away from where ever you spray it. I think there are probibly more reasons ....but cats are so complicated...one never quite knows why they do half the things they do....LOL Good Luck....I hope this helped.
Thutmosis Originally Answered: How do you stop a cat from peeing on everything?
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Radcliff Radcliff
2wks ago is not long enough time for adjustments. Give him time. Is he neutered? It can also be a dominance issue or an issue of neglect with all those kids too. Try getting a trainer and a good crate.
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Manny Manny
keep him outside all the time (: and hell get used to peeing outside thats how i trained my dogs (:
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