Your real thoughts about Shane McMahon?

Your real thoughts about Shane McMahon? Topic: Wrestler in the movie the sisters
July 18, 2019 / By Afrikah
Question: I readilly admit that I am definitely not a Shane McMahon fan. I think he is a complete joke as a wrestler & think that he gives the impression in the ring that a Junior High School wrestler could beat him. His " mic " skills are laughable & his wrestling moves remind me of the way that the 3 Stooges used to run around in circles in old movies. I think Stephanie has more talent & charisma than he does & Steph also looks like she could come close to beating him in the ring too....I think Shane would be cleaning public toilets if Daddy wasn't a billionaire.....Does anybody else feel the same way or am I missing some special hidden talent that Shane has other than the magic of the McMahon name ? Some fans apparently look at Shane & see a great wrestler.....I just see a great big jerk when I look at him ? Do you agree or disagree with me ? Why ??.... Is Shane an asset or a debit to the WWE ?
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Tiarnach Tiarnach | 7 days ago
He needs to do something with him self wrestling is not his sport.You know Shane needs should feel ashame of himself because his sister Stephaine can fight.Shane is so soft and want pitty like Jonathon Coachmen.
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GREAT QUESTION!!! This is exactly what I've been saying!!! Mosley caught Mayweather with some BIG PUNCHES, in round two of their fight, and came VERY... VERY CLOSE to Knocking Floyd out...and probably would have, if he landed just ONE more. And, that was very recent! THAT FACT... is an important one to consider when you think about the fact that Mayweather is a defensive wizard, and one of the very toughest guys in all of boxing to hit! Pacquiao... is NOT that hard to hit! So... it stands to reason if Mosley can hit Floyd with BIG PUNCHES...then he CAN hit Manny with BIG PUNCHES. In fact, its likely that he hits Manny with MORE big punches than he did against Mayweather, which potentially spells BIG trouble for Manny! Defensive styles are the only ones that give Mosley difficulty, so it isn't surprising that he lost to Mayweather and caught a draw against Mora. He however, DOES NOT have trouble with aggressive come-forward fighters! And, Pacquiao is an aggressive come-forward fighter...that LOVES "shoot-outs." See Pacquiao can get away with having a "shoot-out" against Margarito because Margarito does not posses the hand speed necessary to catch PAC frequently enough to beat him. But, Mosley DOES...additionally Mosley hits SO HARD that he doesn't need to connect very often at all! Mosley COULD very possibly close the show...with one or two good ones. Another important thing to keep in mind, is that Juan Manuel Marquez gave PAC all he could handle in two very close fights. The ONLY REASON was because JMM is an incredible counter-puncher! Shane Mosley too...is an incredible counter-puncher! Except, he's a LOT BIGGER, and a LOT STRONGER than JMM! If he hits Pacquiao with "one-tenth" of the shots JMM did... it easily could be "Good Night" for Pacquiao!!! Plus, Mosley is also...much faster than JMM... which makes landing punches more probable! Boxing is a proverbial representation of the game "Rock, Scissors, Paper" where styles make fights. Pacquiao's style...historically, has been Mosley's "cup of tea." Mosley has the power to knock Manny Pacquiao out, and although Manny has great power...he does NOT have enough power to K.O. Shane Mosley! Maybe no one does! Shane Mosley has the best chin and the hardest punch in the welterweight division. And, he still has very formidable hand speed! Plus, he's a counter-puncher, which historically, has been bad for Manny Pacquiao! People who beat Mosley... Floyd Mayweather, Winky Wright, and Vernon Forrest were "slick" Pure Boxer-type fighters. Mosley's never lost against to an aggressive come-forward fighter! And, it would be especially difficult for a smaller, shorter, not quite as powerful guy like Pacquiao! Is it an advanced ploy??? I don't think so... BUT, I think it IS a BIG MISTAKE! Stylistically, its just NOT a good fight for Manny. Will it ruin Pacquiao "if" he loses??? Yes and No It WILL hurt his legacy! But, it won't ruin it. Its just like when Roberto Duran got KO'ed by Tommy Hearns. It DID hurt Duran's legacy, and knocked him down a few rungs on the All-time great list, but Duran is STILL ON the All-Time great list! Because intelligent people know that stylistically... it was a bad fight for Duran, and Tommy Hearns was NO slouch. Mosley stylistically, is a bad fight for Pacquiao, and Mosley is NO slouch! But, in Pacquiao's case... I'm afraid that due to Mosley's age and his loss to Mayweather... they might count his potential loss to Mosley worse...than Duran's loss to Hearns. "If" Pacquiao loses... will "they" say it is because he finally fought a black fighter? So...IS THAT what "THEY" will say... Yes, many un-educated fans, especially die-hard Mayweather fans will say that! Quietly and not-so-quietly RACIST African American fans will also say YES, that Pacquiao lost because he finally faced an African American. Which of course like ALL forms of racism... is stupid!!! Because it assumes a degree of racial biological supremacy, which is non-existent in any race, and simply the product of racist garbage. In the END... My honest belief is that Pacquiao will beat Mosley by UD. HOWEVER, I also recognize that there IS REAL DANGER here for Pacquiao, and he HAS to be careful!!! Because Mosley has a FAR better chance beating PAC than he had when he faced Mayweather...due to stylistic reasons. Should Manny lose is WILL hurt his legacy, but it WON'T ruin it!

Radclyffe Radclyffe
Shane contributes the Vince's heel gimmick alot. He is not a great wrestler but he can put on a show, he only does one think in a match but he practices the stunts he does over and over again to entertain the fans.He's really neither an asset or a debit.
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March March
Shane has done what he intended i guess he tried to get you to hate him because he is in the ring with PRO wrestlers and he has no training just a dad who owns the company. he wants you to think why is he in there I'm better than him but my dad isn't Vince this proves he has done a good job at being the rich kid oh...by the way ...some of the falls and hits he has taken gives him the right to be in that ring. ask K. Angle...ask Van Damn ....ask HHH
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Jericho Jericho
I don't like Shane at all. He can talk tough but he can't back it up. Im glad right now that he isn't wrestling. (just like his dad) he'll find anyway 2 win the match , that includes cheating. The 1 part that i don't like Shane the most is when Vince and him screwed Shawn Michaels at Saturday Nights Main Event.
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Gideon Gideon
Shane Sucks Stephanie hopefully will take over Raw when Vince is dead or Hornswoggle either way Shane is just doing those things so Vince will give him money no other reason why
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Don Don
I give credit where credit is due. Shane does suck, like you described. But in the few matches he participated in, he did do some high risk stuff and that impresses me to some degree. You really can't take THAT away from him.
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