How can I interpret this quote?

How can I interpret this quote? Topic: How to write a descriptive essay about yourself
July 18, 2019 / By Agas
Question: "The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes." I have to write a descriptive essay based on this quote and cant seem to break it down to get it started. Thx in advance!
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Tiberius Tiberius | 9 days ago
That is similar to the old traveling around to escape from something when what you are really trying to escape from is yourself. It is about mental outlook AND introspection. Interpreting things differently.
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Tiberius Originally Answered: When writing a quote that ends in a quotation mark, is the letter after the end quote capitalized?
I think Rose is steering you wrong. This is a great question and I always have to go hunt down Grammar Girl to see if I can finally understand what's correct. I believe the question mark remains where it is, but a comma follows outside the quotes and the "t" is not capitalized because it's not the beginning of a sentence. Let me go find Grammar Girl and get back to you on this one. I always forget. {UPDATE: the source listed almost answers your question.]

Rae Rae
Having new eyes, means to see things in a whole different manner. Being born in one isolated place, it's all you know. But if you travel out, the things you see will undoubtedly amaze you and change the way you "view" life through your "eyes". All the different cultures are something to behold ;D
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Marko Marko
it says that to learn new things you don't have to look for new things to look at, rather, you have to learn to look at your surroundings with a new mindset. Where are you? Have you ever seen a FedEx truck? Where is the arrow in the logo (the logo is the name FedEx)? Why an arrow for an express-delivery company? I'm sending you a link to Fed Ex, look for the arrow, then think about my questions.Send me a note if you can't see the arrow. Good luck!
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Jermaine Jermaine
It simply means that instead of trying to discover new things by literally going out and charting other-wise uncharted islands, you could just broaden your perspective on things and THEN you will see new things right in front of you - things you never knew existed.
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"La política de Inmigración debe de ser generosa; debe de ser justa, debe de ser flexible. Con semejante política podemos enfrentar al mundo, y nuestro pasado con manos limpias y una conciencia clara."

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