My 33 year old jewish boyfriend actually dumped his 28 year old christian gf for me (im 18 years young). what?

My 33 year old jewish boyfriend actually dumped his 28 year old christian gf for me (im 18 years young). what? Topic: To draw a conclusion from given information is to
July 18, 2019 / By Aggie
Question: does that tell you about my boyfriend? it says he can get girls his own age and many women his age would go for him, hes a respectable guy. as im 18 now, its not a legal issue to date him. also he didnt ask me out til i turned 18 which shows yo he isnt a creep. he respects the law and me. i do plan on introducing him to my parents. do you think its a good idea to date him, after knowing this now??
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Tierney Tierney | 2 days ago
Wow. People drawing way to big a conclusion based on so little information. Look. People get together and people break up for many different reasons. You're just 18, so statistically speaking you will probably go through some more relationships after this guy too. The important thing is to give each relationship your all and learn from it to become a wiser, stronger person.
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Tierney Originally Answered: Restraining order placed by parents of 16 year old girl against 18 year old boyfriend?
Your only young once, please enjoy it and have good memories of it. Your parents have, for their reasons made a stand on this boyfriend. They don't want him around you. I bet they have reasons. It can't be he turned 18 and a half. You wrote he cheated on you or something like that. The hotel room was the trigger, I guess. Their support was removed from your relationship. They care about you more than any dopey boyfriend ever will. They can protect you from him by court order. It may be hard to understand now, but you have so much ahead of you that is so much more important than one dopey guy. If you love him so much, you'll surely die without him. Talk to your parents about it. Is trusting their judgement is too much to ask ? Be sure he'll go to jail for continuing to see you. By ignoring a restraining order, he is ignoring a judges demand. The judge didn't sign a restraining request. The judge ordered it, and will not think twice as your boyfriend gets tossed in prison. It's important to understand how judges think. They are in an important job that makes important decisions every day. They can take someones kids away or someones life away. They get real mad over stupid stuff like ignoring their restraining orders. If your boy gets caught he isn't going to just let him go. He is going to throw the book at him. The judge will say things like, "You ignored a simple direction from this court, I wish I had time to tell you how stupid that was. But your done wasting my time,remanded to jail, full sentence, next case, good bye dumb a$$." No jury, no trail, just jail. I watched this happen, when I was a teen. The girl was 16, the guy was 18 or 19. Her guardian got a restraining order against him and the two kept seeing each other. He got 18 months in jail. The funny part was, they got married after he got out of jail. It lasted less than a year, because she ran off with one of his friends.They just took off one day together, without even saying good bye to the jail bird. I heard they went to Alaska. I'm sorry but I still think that's a funny story. He knew it would happen, but did it any way. she was a bad girl and seeing him and marrying him was being bad. staying married was being good, so running off was more her style.

Rainard Rainard
He didn't ask you out until you turned 18 because he knows the law. And do you know he dumped her, or is that just what he's saying? Seriously, all he's after is a tight vagina. In a few months, he'll have broken up with you, you'll be an emotional wreck (because he'll convince you he loves you and whatnot), and you'll be attracted to awful relationships for a long time. You're not the first person this has happened to, you know.
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Marlin Marlin
What makes you think he is not a creep? Sounds like one to me. Hell no..move on and find a nice guy who doesn't "dump" women more his own age for a new young thing. This is guy who will continue doing this the older you get..you will not be the last one. Good luck.
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Jerrard Jerrard
The 28 year old christian girl is better off without him...Now she can find a real christian man. No hope without jesus. God loves you.....
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Gilead Gilead
He'll never you unless you're Jewish. I wouldn't give him the time of day. He won't you after he gets what he wants.
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Gilead Originally Answered: Jewish Friends: Would you have an issue with a Jewish politician swearing in an oath on the Christian Bible:)?
I think I've read that he chose that particular Bible because it belonged to the Minnesota Senator, Paul Wellstone, who died in a plane crash n 2002. He wished to honor that late Senator. That's a good thing, and If it were not for that..I'd have a BIGGER problem. As it stands, I see it as perhaps thoughtless and a bit confusing and possibly disrepsectful. However, I do think that if he was being true to his faith he would not have done that at all. I'm not sure what the halacha ( Jewish law ) is on this one..but as a Reform Jew, I would have a problem swearing on a Holy text of another religion. As another said..it wouldn't have any bearing ON the oath since that text isn't MY holy text. His word and oath should be sufficient by itself without appearing to base his trustworthiness on his willingness to place his hand on a text to prove it. the "Old Testament" is an adaptation/alteration of the Jewish Bible, the Tanakh, so, that isn't exactly the same thing as another said..Franken didn't place his hands on a text of his own religion although many of the words IN it are directly from it. The Torah portion (first five books) is the closest to the Jewish Bible's original. Most of the alterations and changes were done in Prophets and Writings books. Naming the Christian adaptation an "Old" covenant, was also done purposely by the church father Tertullian, to note that it had been "superceded" by their "New" covenant(testament) I had no problem with a Muslim using a Quran to swear in his oath. I am wondering what Al Franken will say to this directly. edit: Antithesis has a GREAT POINT! thumbs up for that!

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