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June 24, 2019 / By Aggye
Question: I have a remarkable story. A family friend put her dog into the pound because she faced finical issues. When her friend heard what happened she rushed to get the dog out of the pound. What she found was that the dog Simba was to be euthanized that afternoon. She found hard with the pound and rescued the dog. Now the dog needs a home and I am helping to locate one. Can anyone direct me to a dog rescue that can take an America Pit Terrier?? We live in Southern CA. If you would like one let us know. She is a kind gentle hearted dog that needs Love. I have contacted approximatly 20 rescues in my area and none could assit me. HELP I just email Creaser the dog whisper. As for the newspaper thing, I am so afraid to do that or list on Craig’s list. I would want the best owner and am afraid to get someone I wouldn’t trust. If they are turned down to “needs a loving home” then there is an underlining issue in my opinion. This dog isn’t just any dog, she is kind gentle, trained and more. The full story about this brings me to tears.
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Tikvah Tikvah | 4 days ago
You might try the ones on this site, that are not the city or county pounds. Just contact the private rescues: http://www.petfinder.com/search/search.c... This pdf booklet has great suggestions for finding the right home. It is geared primarily for the 'found' dog, but the tips are helpful for any : http://www.bestfriends.org/nomorehomeles... Here are other suggestions: Although this was written by the Chow club, and for chows, it has helpful re-homing tips for all dogs, beginning about 1/3 down the page: http://www.chowwelfare.com/cciw/findhome... And here are suggestions for great free places to post your dog:http://www.petrescue.com/library/place-pets.htm
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Ralph Ralph
Most rescues are volunteer run and most are already full of American Pit Bull Terriers that they can't find homes for. Unfortunately, that is the truth of things in Southern California. You can ask for a courtesy listing on their websites, you can post the dog on petfinder, or you can work with a rescue that will let your friend show the dog through them at adoption events on the weekend but will require her to keep the dog until it is placed. APBTs are wonderful family dogs. Thanks to the media, so many people are missing out on having this excellent companion in their lives. Though we don't have breed specific legislation in the area, we might as well. It is extremely hard to find an apartment or rental until if you own an APBT. We have many good potential homes for our dogs that fall through because the landlord, manager or insurance company says "NO" to their breed of choice. Good luck. With a little persistence, you should be able to rehome her. It's especially attractive to have a dog who has already been in a home. I wish I could be more help because it was a very noble thing that was done.
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Marlowe Marlowe
this is sad, especially with this breed and when they're older it's hard to find another home for them due to the reputation that bad owners have made for this breed. you can try listing here, it's free for pit breeds http://www.pbrc.net/submission.html have you tried no kill shelters? rehoming a pet can take days, weeks, and at times even years, best of luck with finding this dog a new home. and last of all, check this link http://www.petorphansfund.org/pet_relinquishment.shtml scroll to the middle of the page, this is what is says "I can no longer afford to take care of my pet." and gives the following information. The Volunteers of America offer a Companion Pet Program that helps low-income seniors keep their beloved companion pets. The Program is available in the greater Long Beach area, parts of Orange County, the South Bay, and Los Angeles. Telephone (213) 389-1500 ext.18 Your family friend may even be able to have a second chance at the dog, it's a rare opportunity for any owner - there is no better home for that dog right now than the original owner. Try talking to them to see whether this financial assistance would be of help. I wouldn't use newspaper or craigslist, you don't know whether dog fighters will pick up the dog to fight etc. there are ppl with bad intentions around with this breed.
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Jerrod Jerrod
Do try the newspaper... my sis rescued a small dog from a gas station, put an ad in the paper, and had over 20 replies! She has a theory that the words "needs a loving home" turn people off for some reason, she suggests "sweet companion animal" instead.
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Gilford Gilford
maybe contact the dog whisperer...he's in Cali and specializes in pitbulls..maybe he'd have room in his pack! Are you willing to travel to? I would do a google search for pit bull rescue in the area. Another option would be to go to petfinder.com They post pets available for adoption. This would give you some local shelters that post there...I have seen a lot of them do postings for people who are willing to foster until the dog finds a new home. Good Luck!
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