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IPhone or iPad (mini)? Topic: Online phone case shopping
July 19, 2019 / By Aglæca
Question: My parents said I can get an apple product, I always wanted to get an iPhone, but then i started to rethink .. iPad? idk. What I do ; -Reading books like on wattpad - Taking pictures, editing pictures, (like on instagram) - social (fb, ask.fm, twitter, instagram, snapchat) - playing games - Netflix - watching youtube videos - making youtube videos -- i also want to take it in class, and take pictures with friends, because its my last middle school year, before high school - oh i also want an iPhone because of the cute cases that go with it (: & my phone is really crappy, battery dies, crappy camera, slow. does the iPad have cute cases ? dont know why its in beauty, maybe because of the cases and stuff -also online shopping, like wanelo.
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Tim Tim | 5 days ago
Personally I would get iphone but it depends if you need a phone or not. All the things you stated though have nothing to do with calling, and ipad is a fantastic book reader (download ibooks, I use it all the time).
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Tim Originally Answered: For college: a new laptop, a new iPad Mini, a Window's tablet, or a somewhat-used, but still fast iPad 2?
Since mostly schools use windows, buy the windows tablet. It will have a better compatibility. I have an iPad (which is great) but it doesn't worl all the time at my school's programs
Tim Originally Answered: For college: a new laptop, a new iPad Mini, a Window's tablet, or a somewhat-used, but still fast iPad 2?
IPad 2. It will save you money (possibly) and time because it already has the apps you'll need. The windows tablet has a spotty record on flash, so you'll want to talk a knowledgeable salesperson about the ones you're interested in. The iPad mini, unless it's a much better deal than the iPad 2, really only has the fact that it's new going for it. The laptop, from your description, is on it's last legs. If you could find another one for the money you're looking to spend, I'd recommend it, simply because you can do homework/papers easier and it's more likely to have flesh.

Ralphie Ralphie
Please don't get anything Apple. It is like designer clothing, you're just paying for the apple logo on it. You can get the exact same specs for about half the price on an android OS, for a fraction of the price. Android is also a lot more versatile and customizable as opposed to the very restrictive Apple system. For tablets: Samsung's Nexus is great, very fast, smooth user interface, loads of apps available, good value. For phone I would recommend any of the Samsung S series, S2 upwards. They are fast, easy to use, have great cameras. Please don't get Apple! Look into it!
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Marmaduke Marmaduke
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Marmaduke Originally Answered: Should I buy an Ipad 2 or a Mac Mini?
The mac mini is a desktop computer. The iPad is a tablet. They are very different and used for different things; the iPad is more limited but much more portable. I think an iPad is a better fit for you, but remember that it's not the best tool for any tasks that involve writing or creating documents; it's best suited for viewing and consuming information, not producing it.

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