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Greatest Americans help? Topic: Franklin homework
July 18, 2019 / By Agnus
Question: so uhmm, were doing this great Americans bracket and its not homework but i wanna do it. so do you think you could educate me on some of these people? ( this is half the side) Vinton cerf samuel adams robert e lee elvis presley dwight d eisenhower henry david thorcays ben franklin elizabeth freeman horace mann jackie robinson james madison thomas paine john deere jimmy carterro jfk elanor roosevelt george washingston amelia earhart sam walton eli whitney anthony mott stanton lyndon b johnson john adams richard nixon eli lilly francis scott key henry ford paul revere lewis clark sacagawea abigail adams ray kroc audie murphey you suck! ARGHHHH you suck! ARGHHHH
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Originally Answered: Who are some of the greatest writers of all time?
Un successes? that's funny. Take it from me, i worked for them. The best funded empty suit in the history of the universe.

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