Pregnancy schools in fort worth, texas?

Pregnancy schools in fort worth, texas? Topic: Texas homework help
July 18, 2019 / By Aila
Question: please i need a list of all pregnancy schools in or around fort worth texas. ive tried searching it but could only find stupid ads about teen pregnancy. thank u
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Tobiah Tobiah | 1 day ago
I'm 15 and the mother of a soon to be one year old. I got pregnant and had my daughter when I was 14. I turn 16 in june and she turns one on april 23. I have a job and am still going to school. I'm still getting straight A's and get paid 8.90 an hour. At the end of march though my pay goes up to 9.50 so I'm excited about that. I go to a regular high school, not one for teen moms. It's hard to study and do homework while cooking and feeding and playing with desi, but I manage. If you have any questions or anything feel free to email me, I come one Y!A to help other girls in my situation so email me. [email protected] Good luck.
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Tobiah Originally Answered: Which school is ghetto-er in Fort Worth, Texas.?
Are you racist? Does it matter? Wow.....Do the real research on Texas Education Agency and see if you can find the demographics. Better yet do a google search on the schools and demographics and find the relevent informational and statistical data there. I hope I did not use too many big words but I know it is better than "ghetto-er". That is INSULTING.
Tobiah Originally Answered: Which school is ghetto-er in Fort Worth, Texas.?
Some usual schools offer packages for pregnant teens and teenagers who already have children-you would need to look into that as a substitute of a boarding university, because i couldn't in finding any in forth-worth and possibilities are there is no such thing as a neighborhood

Randolf Randolf
Some regular schools offer programs for pregnant teenagers and teens who already have children-you might want to look into that instead of a boarding school, because I couldn't find any in forth-worth and chances are there isn't any nearby
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Martie Martie
Why don't you join some online schooling classes for pregnant teens? There are tons and I'm sure you could do one of those instead.
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