This isn't original. I read it back a while. But, in case you haven't, could you give me your reaction?

This isn't original. I read it back a while. But, in case you haven't, could you give me your reaction? Topic: Super case superman
July 19, 2019 / By Ailene
Question: Here it is: Relying on the Bible as proof of God's existence is like relying on a comic book as proof of Superman's existence I know there are those who will say that the Bible is "God inspired", but I thought this was rather clever. What do you think?
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Best Answers: This isn't original. I read it back a while. But, in case you haven't, could you give me your reaction?

Tod Tod | 4 days ago
Relying on a book to prove that things stated in that book are true is kind of silly. Especially with all the extraordinary claims made in the book. They may laugh at the example we use to show how silly it is, but it is no different. If you read Superman and believe in flying humans with super power you must have faith in that belief as they is no evidence to support such a claim. This is the same faith needed to believe in talking snakes, virgin births, and a supreme being. It is EXACTLY the same. Only thing is I rather if people believed in superman, as his morals are a lot better than the Bibles.
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Randy Randy
You mean superman isn't real? I have no reason to go on now. /cry /lifequit Lol, but seriously, very good analogy. I know I've heard that before somewhere, but can't nail down where. Penn & Teller or http://whywontgodhealamputees.com/ perhaps? or maybe a Kevin Smith movie. Now you have to tell what it's from before I go crazy trying to remember lol! I agree for the most part with it, but I think the bible is a little less like a comic book and a little more like a game of telephone. Ever play that when you were a kid? You whisper something to someone, they pass it along to the next person, and by the time you go around the circle it's something completely different. If the bible was even written by who supposedly wrote it- directed with god's inspiration or whatever- it's been around a long time in a lot of languages and revisions. It probably is very far off from what it said when it was written.
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Marvin Marvin
God is not a man, nor the Bible a comic, and supernatural is still natural of natural/spiritual. Go on to the spiritual, isn't so carnal mindead. Your clever re-lying scenario is still lying x2; For eternal God has no begin of days, like Bible, nor any end of life, like law folk do, who all perish. What the Bible actually says, about inspired, is all script-u-are (not "contrary" scriptures) is what is given by inspiration of God: 2Tim 3:16 and what the allegory-ic script-u-are saith is: "cast out the bondwoman and her son" (Gal 4), means flush law and result of law: sin and death.
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Jether Jether
It's not a fair analogy. We can still talk to Superman writers (at least some of them) and they would tell you it's fictional. The bible is so old and comes from so many sources that we don't know how much is historical fact, how much is myth, hearsay or purely made up by the writer.
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Goddard Goddard
It's ok for a flip answer, but it would be better to equate the Bible to any and all other religious "holy texts", like the Book of the Dead.
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