I want to make a coupon book for mother's day. What should I put in it? -READ-?

I want to make a coupon book for mother's day. What should I put in it? -READ-? Topic: My dog does my homework
July 18, 2019 / By Ailey
Question: One free hug. I love you One I will walk the dog. I love you I will clean my room. I love you One I do my homework when told to. I love you something like that..
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Best Answers: I want to make a coupon book for mother's day. What should I put in it? -READ-?

Todd Todd | 5 days ago
One I will do the dishes, One I will fold the laundry, One night of a movie and popcorn on me, One I will feed the dog, and One free kiss.
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Rashaun Rashaun
Those are good...you could add doing the dishes, making dinner, watching a younger brother or sister, scrubbing the bathroom, mowing the lawn...ect... and maybe a coupon or two worth a full week of some of these things would be impressive.
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Marvyn Marvyn
Do a load of laundry, wash the dishes, etc. The ones you suggested sound good too. I'm sure your mom will love it! :)
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Jethro Jethro
It is my opinion, and only my opinion, that all of those things listed are things you should give as a matter of course, anyway. Meaning she shouldn't need a coupon or special occasion to get them. You need to think up actions that are above and beyond what should be normally expected, whatever those might be for your individual circumstances.
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