Is USA Today a biased newspaper?

Is USA Today a biased newspaper? Topic: Newspaper writers are called
June 24, 2019 / By Ailith
Question: I would like to cite it for my paper however I a) do not live in the states and b) don't want to cite it if it has the same kind of reputation Fox News or MSNBC does for being overtly biased to one side. Can someone who lives in the states help me out here? Actually, I do watch Fox, and I'm sorry I called your blessed news source biased. I just asked a question - Liberals haven't insulted me for calling MSNBC biased, so you people need to get the **** over yourselves. I am not in the mood.
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Tolly Tolly | 7 days ago
Yes, it leans left. When Bush was President, they made sure to have at least two or three gloom and doom, anti-Bush stories per day. You can tell how the writers lean by how they kiss up to Democrats and disparage Republicans. Another way to tell that mainstream media is biased left is what they DON'T report. If you hear a news story on TV that is bad about Democrats, you can almost bet without turning around it's FOX News.
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Tolly Originally Answered: Do you believe this is biased?
I do agree w/ you.. have u taken this up with the teacher or the principal??? All students should be treated equal.. and u have a valid point.. U deserve an explanation.. Good luck..

Rastus Rastus
Tangle, I think rkiding is the most HONEST answer here, that you'll find. I felt for a long time, that they were typical print media (leaning way left) but over time my honest answer is they lean a little left & basically dramatize ANYTHING to sell papers. Most print media & TV lean pretty far left, while most talk radio leans pretty far right. Just a note: Fox contributed to both democrat candidates (Hillary-out of fear of the fairness doctrine, being a target) and obama. They contributed nothing to McLame. (I know, I shouldn't call them names, but it's too easy. Funny huh, and EVERYONE thinks Fox is biased...LOL, follow the money...follow the money. I'd say use the source & then note that "some people think print media is biased, so use your own judgement." Unlike todays so-called journalist (they're really only op-eds), you can report teh FACTS and let the reader decide. This is a lost art today, because too many papers are pushing a liberal agenda. Good luck on your report/paper.
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Masterman Masterman
Go to drudgereport Tangle... or Wall Street Journal... I think USA today is reputable.....but I have no concrete information You seemed to do a lot of Research on yahoo answers.... Im the biased mother f__ker of them all... lol good luck though
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Jim Jim
Never actually watched Fox, have you? Then why do you assume that the reputation the liberals have given it because it is not biased toward them is accurate? Why leave out important information in a paper because somebody else has decided it's not good enough? Most Americans consider USA Today as a "McPaper," producing news the way McDonald's produces burgers and fries. But yet you are willing to take somebody else's word that Fox News is unreliable. Okey Doke.
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Golda Golda
This paper is very biased but you will be hard pressed to find any Newspaper that will tell the truth
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Drew Drew
They are ALL biased, especially a really mainstream one like USA today, it's nothing but a brainwashing rag. It's OK to read it, just be aware of lies and manipulations and even subliminal.
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Drew Originally Answered: My teacher is biased against me?
Stop being an idiot if teacher's are biased against some one it is because they are normally disruptive and just an all round idiot

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