If you want to do a trade in? will the dealer pay kelley blue book TRADE IN prices?

If you want to do a trade in? will the dealer pay kelley blue book TRADE IN prices? Topic: Homeworks trading
June 24, 2019 / By Ailsa
Question: Thinking about trading a car in, I KNOW sell it on our own, but don't think we will. Will the car dealer REALLY give us the Kelley Blue book TRADE -IN value? What was your experience?
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Best Answers: If you want to do a trade in? will the dealer pay kelley blue book TRADE IN prices?

Tom Tom | 8 days ago
they will sure try not to. However if you go in armed with the information of what the trade in value is and stand your ground then you will more likely get a fair deal. Also...while you are doing your homework...pull up the car you want to buy..if it's a new car...then in the milage area type in an arbitrary # such as 1000 miles...this is what the car should sell for...not the sticker price...stand your ground and make a good deal. Also...if you are financing the car through the dealer...don't take the first offer they give you ...that is unless it's a real low interest rate...but argue for the best rate...never the first one they offer you...they can get you a better rate normally.
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Raven Raven
Wow, are you getting some bad advice! The real question is what car are you using to trade? If it's a big truck or SUV, the KBB value may be over stated. KBB pricing tries to stay up to date using different value sources, the auto auctions chief among them. Auctions only tell half the story. The dealer also has to look at current market conditions such as, what are current gas prices, how many of the same model are out there for sale right now, who will buy that wierd green color and how much will I spend in the shop to make it road worthy? In most states, you get the tax difference when you trade in a car. For example: Say KBB lists yur car's value at $11,000.00 and the dealer offers you $10,000.00 or your car. Let's say sales tax is 7%. That mean's you'll also get a $700.00 tax credit on your purchase, which makes a total value for you trade-in $10,700.00. Let's be honest, those brakes on your trade-in have been squeeking for some time and you never did get that dent fixded. Although KBB said you should expect $11,000, you understand that $10,700.00 is fair, considering the realistic condition of your car. The dealer, after sending the car through the shop, putting new brakes and tires a complete detail (ohh the dog hair!) on it and advertising then owns the car for about $11,000.00.
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Mat Mat
Probably not. The reason is that every dealer has a certain amount of "mark-up" they like to maintain. If the demand for the vehicle is high (like certain Toyotas, Hondas and other desireable makes), you may get a better trade-in price. If you're trading in something like a Pontiac Aztec or Hummer, you probably will not get such a good deal. Search around and check at different dealers; the demand may not exist everywhere, but may be available at a nearby town or different dealership. When I bought my new 1971 Dodge Challenger, the dealer offered me a certain amount for my trade in Dodge Dart. Then they looked at it and reduced the value by nearly a thousand dollars less than the Kelley value! I told them I wasn't going to buy the Challenger unless they gave me the agreed-upon trade in value; eventually, they capitulated.
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Jimi Jimi
Dealers claim to use something called the "Black Book" which is impossible to find and, in my opinion, either does not exist or is complete bull^#$*! If you are willing to walk out on a dealer who is going to try to short you on the Blue Book value, they might break down and give you blue book on your trade. If you live near a carmax, they will appraise your car for free and give you a much more honest answer. Bring a print out of Kelley Blue Book's value on your car as "backup" wherever you go. Also, on kbb.com, make sure you are honest when you select "excellent" "good" "fair" or "poor" for the condition of your car so you can get a brutally honest idea of what to expect.
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Goliath Goliath
The dealer will not give you kelley blue book value.. The dealer will give you all kind of excuse. like dents, wear on seats, etc.. If that dealer give you kelley blue book value, the car you'll be getting will be higher then other dealer. That's how it balance out.. Good Luck
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Driscoll Driscoll
The price of your trade in is already working into the price of your new car. If you tell them you're not trading in, you'll probably get the same price as with the trade in. Then you can sell your car privately and keep the money. New car dealerships do not like trade ins. They then have to sell this old car and may not be able to get what they want for it.
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Brigham Brigham
Highly doubtful, but if you insist that you get nothing less than fair trade in value at the dealership tell them you will take your business elsewhere if they are not willing to work with you. But you do have to be reasonable, and not expect to get high trade in if you have any mechanical issues with your trade. Good Luck!
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