Were the Middle Ages lawless and Violent?

Were the Middle Ages lawless and Violent? Topic: Death penalty essays for
July 18, 2019 / By Aimie
Question: I have this question to write an essay on for history,, i have a sheet to help me, but i don't really undersand =S Help ?? Thanks
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Tone Tone | 2 days ago
yes, there were many cut throats, cut purses and highway men. the law was harsh with death the penalty for even minor infractions. but things were so difficult for the common people that they were willing to take the chance just to get enough to eat and for their families.
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Tone Originally Answered: Feudalism in the middle ages. PLEASE HELP?
This was also last year for me. I also think it's C. It's definitely not B or D and I'm pretty sure it's not A.
Tone Originally Answered: Feudalism in the middle ages. PLEASE HELP?
Feudalism was a relationship between a lord and his vassals. The lord gave a vassal a estate of land to use and the vassal had certain obligations to the lord such as payment of taxes and going to war for the lord. If there was a dispute between vassals, the lord would decide the case. Later this evolved into the lord presiding over the proceedings and other vassals deciding the dispute. This, of course, became the basis for our modern western court system. The king was at the top and the dukes were his vassals. The dukes were lords to the barons and the barons vassals to the dukes and so on. Do not confuse feudalism with manorism. Manorism was were the holder of an estate had peasants who worked for him. They were bound to the soil. When the estate was sold or otherwise changed hands the peasants went with it. They stayed on the estate. Similar to slavery in that they had to work for the estate holder. They had no choice. Differing from slavery in that the serf could not be individually sold serperate from the estate. The prior mentioned bound to the soil

Raynard Raynard
Is the present lawfull and violent? You could write about how even though the middle ages were lawless, the modern world still has many acts of violence, and how this law didn't change violence, but caused more and limited freedom.
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Matt Matt
I rather doubt it. IF you attack my house and rape my daughter, today, I will get sued for having them live there. IF you did it back then, I would kill you. End of social problems.
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Matt Originally Answered: What law enforcing officials did they have in the middle ages?
England (the UK) did not have any standing police forces until the 1800s. Drop those out of the equation. In Shakespeare, they often refer to the Watch which was an informal locally organized night watch. They didn't patrol everywhere, but only high profile areas (like the streets where the wealthy lived or where the shops were). They were paid by such places. In Moorish Cordova, they did have a police force as early as 1100 AD. They also had lighted streets, a library of over a million books in six languages, a university even women could attend, and flush toilets. The Christians destroyed all that when they retook Cordova in the 1400s.

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