Bipolar II: I'm in pretty good shape these days, but my mood recently has been a detached. Hoping for advice.?

Bipolar II: I'm in pretty good shape these days, but my mood recently has been a detached. Hoping for advice.? Topic: case history method
July 18, 2019 / By Airla
Question: Okay, so, I had a rocky youth that led to a diagnosis of major depressive disorder when I was... 19. But those medications didn't help, and finally when a doctor pressed the point of bipolar II being likely, I went on the appropriate medications when I was... 23, I think (26 now). They work very well, and I usually feel almost "normal." But I had an episode of hypomania just before Christmas vacation (when I went to visit my family - and see my doctor), which concerned me vaguely, and my doctor reassured me that it was fine, that no medication could stop it completely. But, I'd only had one (one noticeable one, at least) in all the years before that, it's why I barely seemed to fit into the diagnosis. Last week I had another. This is what concerns me, because it's not at all my norm; usually I'd get the crippling depression and none of the up. It was highly uncomfortable... Now (this, I understand, is normal, the cycle) I'm in a 'depression' of sorts, a very mild one. But even though it doesn't compare to previous experiences, I feel detached, uncomfortable and dissatisfied, and it is affecting my life and work performance. Which is working with kids, I'm a nanny. And I can't ask my doctor or therapist for help because I'm 9000 miles away, and will be until October. I can't fall asleep at night, but I'd sleep all day if given the opportunity. I feel like everything is muted, and I make people repeat themselves a lot. I'm not having fun with things that should be fun. I miss my family, and that's nothing new, but you better believe it's worse at this moment... In the past, this discomfort was the window to weeks or months of torture. I actually think this time, this might be it. But it's still a problem, and I wanted to try to talk to someone with similar experiences about it. Is my medication still working at its full potency? This, being separated from my health care providers, is a concern. Why would I have two manic episodes in four months when I'd had only one all the years before that? This is causing me some distress. I still really haven't learned any decent coping skills, what do you recommend? Can I kick myself out of this or do I need to be as positive as possible as I ride it out? I'm worried that I'm not treating people the way I should, and that my 'socially awkward' errors are much more pronounced than when I'm at my new, medication-created baseline. In case it helps, I'll list my medications. Lithium Carbonate 1200mg, Clonazepam 2mg (or 4mg, as needed, for anxiety), Trazodone (50-100mg as needed) The Trazodone was prescribed when I went to the doctor last, in December. I made a request for a sleep aid, and he said he thought that would be best, and that it should help with the anxiety, as well. I try not to take it nightly, only when I think I'll need it ...was obviously wrong today since it's almost 5:30 and I'm not tired... so that I don't grow accustomed to it. I'd love to get some advice that would truly help with this. I realize my issue isn't pressing, but as I've said, I am uncomfortable, all the time, have been for days, and I have no way of knowing, with my dark history, when it might stop. I'm not even playing with the kids as often as I'm lying on my side on the floor talking to them - I need to get out of this. (And please, don't suggest taking a bath as a method of relaxation - I haven't stretched out in a tub since the summer of 09, and it's the only decent coping skill I'd developed as a kid; I miss my tub terribly and might actually cry to read that idea.) Thank you very much to anyone who takes the time to read this or tries to help! Thank you everyone who has responded already! I have research on medications to do. You've also made me realize I should point out that I'm currently living in Spain, where, as a non-citizen it is extremely difficult and expensive to acquire decent health care, which is why I've been continuing with my US doctor through infrequent visits (two, I think) the past year and a half. But your concern has spurred me to at least get my levels checked; I'm going to try to find a location today.
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Topher Topher | 5 days ago
BIpolar II is a diagnosis that seems to run rampant in my family (on both sides.. luck!), so I do understand what you're saying. That feeling that you're going downhill is horrible, especially when doctors want you to wait it out to see if things level off. I've been on medication since I was 12 (24 now), and if there is one thing I know that my doctors don't, it's my body. If I start feeling weird, something is off and it's not going to get better. This may not be the case with everyone, but it always has been with me. So I say go with your gut- if you've been through this before, and deep down you feel like this is heading towards a major depression again, do something about it. Can you call your doctor and see if he can refer you to anyone closer to your area? I've moved several times over the years, but I've always had my old psychiatrist just fax or mail my records to my new one and my care hasn't suffered for it. I was on a very low dose of Lithium (200mg) for about 6 months to help boost my antidepressant when it just stopped working. They tried to increase the dosage, but I just felt numb. Not like a complete, full-blown depression, but just listless and tired and unable to feel happy or excited. Fortunately, I knew my own history with medications and was aware that for whatever reason, my body adjusts to drugs after various periods of time. I've been on so many different SSRIs and other psych drugs, all for varying lengths of time, because they will work for awhile and then they suddenly stop. So I was able to talk to my doctor about going off of it; currently, I am only on Lexapro 20 mg, Buspar 7.5 mg (very low dose, I know), and Nortriptyline 20 mg (for sleep/fibromyalgia). My psychiatrist believes I was misdiagnosed with Bipolar II when I was twelve because so many of my family members had it.. I do occasionally have hypomanic episodes, but I have never responded well to or really needed mood stabilizers. Also, the tricyclic I'm on has never pushed me into a manic state, which would be odd if I were truly Bipolar II. Regardless of my diagnosis, I can tell you that as someone who has been there, trust your own body. Medications can begin to have a decreased effectiveness at any time; whether or not that's what's going on in your case is best left up to your doctor. I wouldn't wait it out on your own, though; the time spent feeling miserable just isn't worth it. Good luck!
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Topher Originally Answered: Bipolar disorder mood swing triggers?
Hummm - well... everybody has mood swing trigger sorts of phenomena - you don't have to be bipolar. Or at least let's hope you're not bipolar. That is a pretty difficult situation. You might want to read up on bipolar - I'm thinking that the mood swings are not quick. These people can live through weeks or months of one mood - and then fall into another. So a bipolar person will get into a "mania" and do all manner of stuff - start businesses, get married, sign up to sail around the world - really crazy stuff. And then a month later he wakes up and he's fallen into a depression. And this depression is made SO MUCH WORSE because he's screwed up his entire life by becoming married or starting a business he can't possibly handle. But "normally" people go back and forth between moods - and the moods can be pretty heavy. When in depression, you can't even imagine ever being happy - ever! And later when you have those rare feelings of happiness, you can't imagine being depressed. Hard to say what causes this - hormones maybe - maybe it's repressed stuff from childhood. Always fun to speak to a psychologist about it - but who can afford that? But bipolar disease is REALLY serious stuff - psychosis stuff - life wrecker stuff. So let's hope you don't have that. However - just get a big sheet of paper and start dated notes on these things which you consider "triggers" - and while you're researching this, watch the dreams and note them down too. You might find that there's a pattern in your life which is feeding this "crazy" machine - and it might be something you can get hold of.
Topher Originally Answered: Bipolar disorder mood swing triggers?
Well a little bit of both, sometimes they are triggered and sometimes they can happen for no reason. The way you describe your moods doesn't sound like bipolar to me. Bipolar is extreme moods for an extended period of time. Being depressed for a day or two doesn't qualify. A depression has to last at least 2 weeks, usually longer and a Manic episode has to last at least a week usually longer as well. And just being happy doesn't mean that would be a Manic Episode, extreme happyness and not being able to sleep, lots of energy, racing thoughts are symptoms of a manic episode, can also include irritation, rage ect.

Reagan Reagan
When you are taking Lithium Carbonate you need to have blood tests done fairly often. If your dose is too low it will not give you any benefit, if it is too high you can get Lithium poisoning. If your dosage is off that may be why you're feeling manic. Being away from home doesn't help. I'd strongly urge you not to wait until October to seek help. There is no way to kick yourself out of mania, and I've never found any useful coping skills for it. If there is a local NAMI office in your area, call them and they may be able to help you find a psychiatrist in the area you're in. You need to know how much Lithium is kicking around in your system. Your anxiety may also be causing you to feel dissatified, uncomfortable, and somewhat detached. Trazadone has never helped me sleep. I stay wide awake all night if I try to take it. It is really an old antidepressant drug that is sometimes prescribed to help people sleep. For some it works well, but not for everybody. Please don't wait until you are back home to seek some help. Good luck to you.
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Matthew Matthew
Seek medical attention right away if any of these SEVERE side effects occur when using Trazodone: **** symptoms of low blood sodium levels **** (eg, confusion, persistent headache, trouble concentrating, memory problems, weakness, unsteadiness, sluggishness, **** personality changes ****); tremor - WWW.DRUGS.COM I'd be very concerned about this; people who take lithium need to keep up their salt (sodium chloride) levels. Also, Trazodone is an antidepressant & anxiolytic; they need to be taken daily. Use the effective natural core treatments for depression at * http://your-mental-health.8m.com/blank_27.html and page B. Bipolar disorder; see pages 1, & C. View page 3 about weaning off Trazodone. Insomnia; see page 1. Take SAMe with the core treatments, but don't use anything else. View http://www.typeofdepression.org/Cause-Of-Depression.htm & http://curetogether.com/depression/ig/treatment-effectiveness-vs-popularity They all have anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) effects as well as antidepressant ones, and anxiety is addressed on pages 1, & i at 8m.com. Passionflower (as directed, or 1 drop in a cup of warm water, 4 times daily; view http://altmedicine.about.com/od/anxiety/a/passionflower_benefits.htm?nl=1 ) may be helpful, short term. I'd avoid medications, except as a last resort, and even then, only use temporarily, as they don't address the causes, merely (imperfectly) treat the symptoms. Learn and employ the relaxation techniques (begin with Progressive Muscle Relaxation) and the EFT variant for use in public places, in case it is needed there. Wait until below 50% weaning dosage before trying the SAMe, or up to 200mg of 5-htp daily, with a low protein meal. and no protein 2hrs before, to 2 hrs afterwards. From Y!A: http://au.answers.yahoo.com/question/answer?qid=20100606214327AATUQrt I did try going to a doctor and getting on meds for depression and anxiety. I didnt like the way they made me feel... like i felt numb. they didnt make the problems go away that made me feel that way... ~~~ It was in therapy where anti-depressants entered my life, and Prozac drained my emotions. I'm innately a very expressive person, and being robbed of everything: my laughter, tears, ability to scream, it destroyed me. Marisa : ) Member since: 31 October 2007 ~~~ Moonrise Member since: 14 February 2008. What are natural treatments for depression that work? I refuse to take anti-depressants, been on them once, never again. Ever since coming off them I have not been the same, my depression has gotten even worse. I can no longer feel any excitement, enthusiasm or motivation for anything. I am wondering what are effective, natural treatments that work. http://au.answers.yahoo.com/my/profile;_ylt=AqIA1b9eFyWdMJPElrZSsWcW6Qt.;_ylv=3?show=y1ULvNIyaa -Movie Lvr- anonymou... Member since: 07 September 2010 Im on new depression meds, but they make me feel like an emotionless, tired zombie, should i stop taking them? On top of that i still don't feel happy. I feel like **** and am very upset when im not feeling lifeless
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