I need a cute christmas gift for my boyfriend?

I need a cute christmas gift for my boyfriend? Topic: How to write a cute letter to your boyfriend
June 25, 2019 / By Airlea
Question: So my boyfriend and I have been dating for a little over a year. I don't have very much money so I was hoping to find something cheap or make something but I've made him a blanket, a scrapbook, wrote him a letter of how I feel about him, a 52 things I love about you card thingy, and he really has everything he wants. (He's kind of spoiled) We do have a little joke about cows but I have no idea what to get him. And he's kind a geek, loves batman. I was maybe thinking of personalizing something like an IPhone case or a maybe matching shirts but I don't know. Any ideas? My boyfriend actually loves when I do cute things like a scrapbook or a love note btw.
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Trace Trace | 6 days ago
Strawberry flavored salad tossing spray... as a stocking stuffer. Also, no straight man gives to sh-ts about a scrapbook, or a letter illustrating your feelings.
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Trace Originally Answered: I need help with a Christmas gift for my boyfriend?
" I know, I know! It's silly to ask the social media what I should get" - I couldn't agree more. Don't be surprised of random people started giving you perverted or dumbass advice. Well it would surely help if we knew more about what HE likes... Because I myself too like games and hardcore music, so maybe in a little way we're the same. In MY opinion, though, as a hardcore music fan myself, find out who his favorite band is. Then as soon as you find out, but him the band merch combo - a band shirt, their latest album, a few other accessories (ballers, necklaces, etc) - and don't bother wrapping it, sometimes we just don't care about the wrapping. BUT, if he already HAS the band merch.. If you can sing or play the guitar, which would be a big help, try looking up his favorite band on youtube, and look for their ACOUSTIC songs. I know his music may not be your thing, but what non-fans of hardcore music doesn't know is that almost EVERY hardcore band has a t least 1-4 melodic songs and are easy on the ears. If you have enough time, tell me his favorite band, I'll do a research and tell you what songs they might have that are okay to listen to even if you're not into the same kind of music. Then make a cover of that song, but either lower or raise the tuning according to your voice. THAT IS, though, if you can sing. If NOT (Still), well.. Hmm.. I'm honestly out of ideas, I need more information. Cook for him?
Trace Originally Answered: I need help with a Christmas gift for my boyfriend?
Well, I absolutely did something rather little due to the fact that I was once soooo clueless too. I made these little truffles about 2x3 inches and put frosting on high. I made three cakes and put crimson frosting on one, green frosting on an additional, and blue frosting on the last one. One was carrot cake, one used to be chocokate and one simply the basic vanilla cake. Then I just used some cookie cutters to make an overview of a shape on the frosting snd put some chocolate powder on them. Souns tough, i know, nevertheless it's simply three little muffins. If you are no longer allowed to cook dinner within the condo, ask a parent to help you. As for the packaging, I put the truffles on colorful foil and put it within a lovable little box. Hope this helped!

Rearden Rearden
Yes, make something homemade, he will appreciate it more. Find things that he likes and then incorperate those things into something! Good Luck!
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Matthias Matthias
In my opinion, since it's like getting cold, I'd buy him a hoodie. Maybe a matching hoodie! Like mines would say "Aye he's mine." And his would say something like "Bro, She's mine." or something. Maybe they have those online? Just my opinion, I think it's kinda cute.
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Matthias Originally Answered: My boyfriend didn't get me a christmas gift?
"My boyfriend didn't get me a christmas gift?" I'm not sure what to think...about your boyfriend, or about you either to be honest. Remember the old adage: "it's the thought that counts." As that applies to you, do you really give gifts just to get them in return...or in this case, give cards just to get them back? It was nice that you put thought into your gift...but how much did a card and your sweet note really set you back? As it applies to your boyfriend, that's a bit more complex. I mean on the one hand I can kind of see your perspective because even my 17 year old nephew got the girl he's been dating for about 2 months now a gift for Xmas. On the other hand maybe he's just not into Xmas. Or maybe your card took him by surprise, and he couldn't think of something similar to say or buy that he thought would reflect how he feels about you. Or maybe it's all still too early for him, and your card left him feeling awkward. Or maybe he's got something else planned? Heck, I don't know anything about him...but if he was Orthodox Christian, it isn't even his Xmas yet, is it? So what does it say about him that he didn't do what all the other Mr. Wrong's did for you at Xmas time? Maybe it's a good sign...and when he does finally give you a gift, it will mean something. Or maybe it's a bad sign...and suggests that he's cheap and unoriginal. My advice would be...if you're otherwise happy with the relationship, shrug this off, and remember that you don't give cards & gifts to receive cards & gifts...you give them because you want to. It's as much for you as it is for the other person. But if you're not happy with the relationship, or can't get over this, then perhaps it is a sign that this guy is not for you. Good luck to you.

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