What are some famous scientists that studied energy?

What are some famous scientists that studied energy? Topic: Energy essays
July 18, 2019 / By Aislin
Question: I need a few scientists that studied energy and are famous. Also find some sites that gives some info about them. I am doing a essay on a scientist that is studying energy.
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Best Answers: What are some famous scientists that studied energy?

Tracy Tracy | 8 days ago
What kind of energy? Nikola Tesla Alessandro Volta James Watt James Prescott Joule Wilhelm Röntgen Isaac Newton Max Planck
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You have to be careful of the distinction between something being utterly wrong vs. being a little out of whack. If the discrepancy had been a large one it would surely have been found much earlier. I imagine there are many complicating factors in measuring the speed of sound in air -- for example, are you talking about "dry" air or air with some amount of water vapor in it? I bet that makes a difference. And I bet the small discrepancy the news item mentions was smaller than variations in the speed of sound engineers encounter when they deal with everyday situations. There was an article in the Am. J. of Physics recently that discussed an experimental error in Millikan's measurement of the charge on the electron. Another type of experiment gave a slightly different value (and it turned out to be much closer to today's accepted value), but it took years to remove the bias toward Millikan's value because his effort was well respected. A much bigger issue of what is really true vs. what we think is true is what Thomas Kuhn talked about in his book, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions. He argues very convincingly that one culture can hold a completely workable world view that suddenly gets overturned by a totally new way of looking at things. He called this a 'paradigm shift.' Many of these paradigm shifts have happened in the past, so who's to say it won't happen again? My gut feeling is that we are closer to the real truth about the world now than ever before, but I'm also sure that there will be surprises ahead. I hope we get to witness some of them.
Tracy Originally Answered: For years scientists used the WRONG Speed of Sound! Are there any others? Why do scientists "Trust"?
That's why scientists continue to do experiments on things previously "proven." It's also why scientific journals are "peer-reviewed." Errors occur - we're human - but they eventually get discovered because people keep checking. When two scientists disagree, experiments are designed to let Nature settle the issue. If you get a wrong answer from your experiment it's one of these things: * The experiment was designed wrong (measured the wrong thing, etc.) * The experimental device was improperly calibrated. * Some variable that affected the outcome was not controlled. * An error crept into the data. * The analysis contained an error. * A new and previously unanticipated phenomenon is affecting the results. This is why journal articles are so carefully written. They include the scope of the study, the exact experimental setup, the values of the parameters involved, the analysis including mathematical derivations, the raw data, and the conclusions. Anyone can then reproduce the experiment or question the assumptions. BUT, you can't get ANYTHING done if you have to check EVERYTHING. And since most stuff has been checked over and over, most people accept previous results as-is. So it can take time for small discrepancies to show up.
Tracy Originally Answered: For years scientists used the WRONG Speed of Sound! Are there any others? Why do scientists "Trust"?
A good scientist will never "trust" anything. Science is the pursuit of knowledge and that is a neverending quest. We generally accept that c (the speed of light) is the absolute cosmic speed limit but Einstein wasn't perfect and c may someday turn out to be just our imperfect perception of the universe. We learn new things all the time and the errors discovered just goes to prove that science works when we accept the fact that we can and will make mistakes. Science by its nature is self-correcting and that's the way it should always be.

Redd Redd
Most Famous: Nicolas Léonard Sadi Carnot... He is often described as the "Father of thermodynamics", being responsible for such concepts as Carnot efficiency, Carnot theorem, Carnot heat engine, and others...
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