Was McCain called a maverick because he had so many enemies from his own party that the only people who would?

Was McCain called a maverick because he had so many enemies from his own party that the only people who would? Topic: How to write a personal editorial
July 19, 2019 / By Alanis
Question: work with him were democrats. A few months ago there was a list of 9 republicans who refused to go to the convention because of how nasty he has been to them. The list grew I am sure. I know Russ Feingold worked with him but Obama has many things written with republicans. Just go to wikipedia.com under his name & scroll to legislature & press list. There are so many things Obama worked on. The thing I referred to on wikipedia.com is also the same as on the Obama site I just thought it would easy for people to get to if they don't want to sign in on the Obama site.
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Best Answers: Was McCain called a maverick because he had so many enemies from his own party that the only people who would?

Travis Travis | 3 days ago
Long ago John McCain was truly a maverick, today it's nostalgia and trying to cling to the image in spite of reality and an insult to the intelligence of the American people. McCain stood up against Bush in 2000 and warned against his extreme ideology and reckless policies that would bring great harm to the US and the world. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ioy90nF2a... Bush destroyed him with smears and brutal personal attacks http://www.boston.com/news/globe/editori... McCain "learned his lesson" and sold his soul to become the Republican nominee this year. This man voted with Bush over ninety percent of the time and is effectively running for a third Bush term, there's simply no denying that. A vote for John McCain is a vote for a third Bush term. McCain admitted that his relationship with Bush is based on shared views in Iraq, immigration and a common agenda. McCain has offered no plan to end the war in Iraq. In fact, McCain says he is comfortable with being in Iraq for a hundred years. McCain offers a health care plan that is similar to Bush’s proposal, which failed to expand coverage and cut health care costs. McCain endorsed Bush’s plan to privatize Social Security—so much so he joined Bush on the campaign to sell the proposal. Although McCain previously opposed Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy he has made a “breathtaking turnaround” and supports these budget-busting, tax cuts for the wealthy. McCain Cast 377 Votes in Support of President Bush’s Position. McCain/Bush Friendship Based On Shared Views On Issues McCain “Steadfast” And “Outspoken” In His Support For War In Iraq McCain Said “Stay The Course,” Downplayed Violence And Denied Civil War McCain Supported Bush Escalation, Claimed Success Despite Previous Criticism McCain’s Reputation Tied To Bush’s Handling Of Iraq “A Consistent Supporter Of Personal Social Security Accounts”; Helped Sell Bush Overhaul Flip-Flop On Bush Tax Cuts A “Breathtaking Turnabout” McCain Supported No Child Left Behind McCain’s Health Plan Just Like Bush’s Failed Health Plan McCain Supported Bush Nominees
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Rees Rees
I think the whole Maverick thing is so funny and corny at the sametime. A maverick, who though that chit up? McCain bowed his head and curled up under bush's dinner table everytime Bush raised the news paper to whack him on the head. LMAO! A maverick... the chit you people come up with, the comedy of it all.
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Maximilian Maximilian
Yes...and "maverick" is the new buzzword they use to distance themselves from what they've already done...plus, the president's low low low approval rating.
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Joe Joe
First of all: Haven't you heard? Anyone can edit Wikipedia, so when it comes to looking up someone's bio, it's not a reliable source. Second: I would rather have someone who pisses off his colleagues than someone who is popular because he kisses their asses.
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