How do you publish a children's book?

How do you publish a children's book? Topic: How to write and publish your book
June 25, 2019 / By Alannis
Question: I've written books for small children before, and now that I'm older my mom and I are trying to look into publishing. Anyone know how it works?
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Trev Trev | 6 days ago
Go online, find a publisher you like and submit your manuscript. Remember, it takes most authors lots of tries submitting their manuscript to different publishers. Let's say you have a publisher that likes your book and gives you a contract to print your book. Now you go through editing which doesn't take a lot on your part. Next (if your book requires this) is illustration. Most of the time the publisher has hired illustrators to work on your book. That step is easy unless you choose to hire someone separately or draw them yourself. Now your book starts the printing process. This is your time to start the hardest part in publishing a book...MARKETING. Most people who dive blindly into publishing a book don't get. Unless you are a famous author YOU the author are expected to do most of the marketing for your book. That means getting a website, contacting book stores, contacting media, and a lot more! This is very hard work. If you a prepared to give up a significant amount of time to promote your book, this is fine. If you expect to sit on your couch and wait for your first paycheck you are sadly mistaken. Put the effort in and it will pay off. I hope I answered your question and If you would like some more specific questions answered about writing and/or publishing please feel free to contact me through my website www.tomatoturtle.com then click "contact". Good luck! Thomas Strock Author Tomato Turtle: A Trip to the Park www.tomatoturtle.com
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Trev Originally Answered: I want to publish a Children's book?
please read this thoroughly to publish properly. • Come up with a basic idea for your story. Answer these questions. What genre is it? Who are the main characters? What audience will the book be aimed at? And most importantly, what's the book about? • 3 Once you have the details of your story, write out an event line. This can include as many details as you want but keep in mind you don't want to write out every single detail, save that for the book. But you also don't want a grand total of three things on your line either! • 4 Start your rough draft. When writing the rough draft don't look back to correct. Just don't. Correcting comes after the rough draft. • 5 When you are done the rough draft, look it over. If you don't like the way something sounds, re-write that part. Look up words if you're not sure how they're spelled, it's always better to be safe than sorry! If you've used 'said' too many times, remember it is not required if it's obvious who is speaking. And if it is needed, but there is still too many 'saids' replace them with words that show more emotion, like 'screamed,' 'whimpered,' 'sobbed,' etc. Make sure to use them in the correct context. • 6 Find someone that you know will be honest to you. They will be your beta. Basically their job is to read your story make note on parts in the story that they liked and didn't like and how to improve the story. They will also correct your story again for any spelling or grammar errors you might have missed. Read your beta's notes and the story when they are all done. • 7 Type the rough draft up. This is not your final copy. You will need to have an editor first. • 8 Write the editor copy. Use large margins so they can write notes. and on every page after that always start it with the title, page number, and your last name, this is in case it gets separated from the rest of the papers. • 9 Send it in to an editor. • 10 Type and print out your final copy with the corrections the editor made added in. • 11 Find a publisher willing to read a younger author's work. You can look up publishers in your phone book to find local ones or you can search for it to find better-known ones. • 12 Send the final copy in to the publisher of your choosing. Think of an attention grabbing cover and first few paragraphs. • Don't overuse adjectives or adverbs. • Think of your beta as your own personal editor. • Double space the copy you send to an editor so they can make notes without the confusing arrows all over the place. • Don't take criticism too hard, better to hear it from your editor than be rejected from the publisher. • The thesaurus is your new best friend. Don't use it every word, but if you want to have a few fancy-sounding words in each sentence, this is where you turn. For example, turn, "Mary said that John was a clumsy fool." into, "Mary murmured that John was an inept fool,' Microsoft Word has one built in. Just right click on the word and select 'synonyms'. • If you really want to publish, you could use a self publishing company to make it easier so you'll have a less chance of being rejected. • Write because you like to write, not just for money. • If you don't like to write, you want this for fame or money, then don't. Do what you like to do... Let your HEART be your guide! • This is more for you than fame. Do this for yourself, make the book reflect yourself. • Be creative. Have fun with it. • If you're doing this for fame or wealth you may want to consider another career path. Authors only become famous if their books are a hit. • Don't get your hopes up too high, editors and publishers read thousands of books from authors who want to hit it big.

Reggie Reggie
There are two options: You can send your manuscript to an agent or choose to self-publish. Keep in mind that when you send your work to a traditional publisher, it can take you a long time for your work to be recognized. More often than not, your work gets rejected. If you don't have the patience, you may end up getting frustrated. When you self-publish, you pay to get your book out. This can be a tradeoff, but the gains may be more than you expect. Many authors nowadays turn to self-publishing for many good reasons. Self-publishing is also a smarter option especially that you are planning to publish a book on a specific niche, because you can actually cater to your target readers. You also get to control the number of books you want to have printed. Usually, your POD publisher only prints your book depending on demand. This way, you wont end up with a garage full of unsold books. Whatever publishing route you choose, make sure that you understand how publishing really works. Publishing is never easy. When you're sure of what you want, you will not have any regrets in the end. For more information on publishing a children's book: http://publishingthechildinme.blogspot.c...
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Mayson Mayson
look into children book publishing companies and look over how to publish a childrens book like wiki or ehow .com tells you and they have several articles on ther plus many on yahoo answers know too and remember send it in to many publishers and use the pone that has the best deal for YOU not them and read every word of the contract and have others read it too like your mom and dad, husband and his mom and dad maybe even a sister or brother a friend or anyone ~~~Randy Anderson Jr. R.I.P.~~~ died 11-09-09 as a loe of my life
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Johanan Johanan
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Griffith Griffith
well i think yuo can type in "childrens book publishers" on google and it should come up with some stuff then you send them your draft of the story i think :]
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Griffith Originally Answered: How can I publish a children's book?
Probably the reason you can't find any submission guidelines on publishers' websites is that most or all of the major ones don't accept manuscripts directly from authors. You have to get a literary agent to represent you. He sifts through the thousands of mostly-unreadable manuscripts that wannabe authors send him every year (you wouldn't believe how many people think writing for children is easy, compared with writing for adults) and forwards the ten or twenty he thinks are worth publishing to whichever publisher(s) he thinks might be interested. Where you live doesn't matter, though it usually helps if your agent and publisher are in the same country as you. (Publishers usually aren't interested in work from foreign writers unless it's already been successful in its own country.) All the business you need to conduct with your agent and publisher can be done by post, telephone and email. To find an agent, start with agentquery.com, which has searchable listings of them. You might also want to buy the current edition of Writers' Market, which has the same list and much other good information for writers. I wouldn't go into it with the expectation that you'll make pots of money, or become famous enough that people recognise you in the street. A few writers do that, but most people who make any money at all from fiction don't earn enough for it to be their sole source of income. EDIT: And yes, before you do any of what I said, listen to Kitty.

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