Asylum dv lottery?

Asylum dv lottery? Topic: Interview questions for case study
June 24, 2019 / By Albertine
Question: I came in thiscountry as an international student and i applied for asyllum last uear unfortunately, the judge set a new trial in october 2011. however, I just received a letter from kentucjy that I was selected for thr DV LOTTERY 2011...I dont know if I'll be eligible to get a green card through the DV lottery process... I actually have a working permit, and my lawyer is on maternity leave .... any help will be helpful....
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Trevor Trevor | 8 days ago
Are you in status as a student or did you drop out after you applied for asylum? I'm assuming that you were turned down for asylum initially if you're eventually scheduled for a hearing before an IJ. If you remained in status on your F1 visa though you could remain in the US, and wouldn't really come before the IJ until after you finished your studies. As long as you remain in some sort of legal status in the US, you'd be able to adjust in the US under the DV program. Your problem at the moment is more a question of timing. but since you should be interviewed, and if found eligible, approved, sometime between this October and next, you should be ok. USCIS is always a bit slow about getting around to DV cases though.
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Trevor Originally Answered: How can i get US asylum if i was violated, victim of genocide?
If you want to file by yourself, you need form I-589. It and the instructions are available on the USCIS website. I highly recommend taking your case to a good immigration attorney. If you cannot afford one, there are tons of nonprofits in almost every major metropolitan area that will represent asylum seekers in immigration court. Catholic Charities is a big one and and a good place to start, but there are many others. Note that you must be physically present in the United States to file for asylum. There are other options to ensure your safety if you are not in the US. Also note that under current US law you must file for asylum within one year of your arrival in the US. Edit: 'prairie' is confusing refugee status and asylum. If you're not in the US you can be declared a refugee (usually by UNHCR or another organization) and be resettled that way, although you will not have control over where. US asylum law does not require you to request asylum in every country you pass through, though there is a "firm resettlement" bar.
Trevor Originally Answered: How can i get US asylum if i was violated, victim of genocide?
The violence against Uzbeks in Kyrgystan is well-documented. If you are an ethnic Uzbek with Kyrgyz citizenship and no legal residency rights in another country, you may be able to claim asylum successfully if you follow the regulations. You cannot choose which country you want to settle in as an asylee, however. You MUST claim asylum in the first safe country you pass through. If you don't and come to the US from another country where you could have applied for asylum, then your case will be denied, and you will be deported. In most countries, there is a time limit on asylum petitions. If you are already in another country where you could legally claim asylum, you should do so right away. If you are still in Kyrgystan or in a country where you cannot claim asylum and you travel to a safe country, you should make your asylum claim as soon as you arrive.

Reginold Reginold
The whole purpose of the DV lottery to allow the winners to obtain immigrant visas or adjustment of status.Since you are in the US, you can now apply for permanent residence if it states that you have won the lottery. The application form I-485 and instructions are here: http://www.uscis.gov/files/form/i485inst...
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Mead Mead
dv 2011 results are not out yet. they will only start sending out notification letters between june and july. are you refering to 2010 dv? go to this website... it has been very helpful for a lot of people going thru the immigration process. you can post your questions there too and someone will answer. http://forums.immigration.com/index.php
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