Why don't victims of US soldiers sue the families of the soldiers to bankrupt them completely?

Why don't victims of US soldiers sue the families of the soldiers to bankrupt them completely? Topic: Business plan for fire protection
July 18, 2019 / By Alease
Question: People like that honorary discharged Green soldier who planned, raped and murdered a 6 year old girl and her 14 year old sister, and the parents in Iraq. Then he set them on fire. The USA trained that sicko to kill and placed him in an area to carry out his plan. He should be sued, his family and the USA. They all should be paying the Iraqi family for years. Chris - too bad you didn't make the appt on 9/11 in NYC. More evidence why the USA is the most hated nation on the planet. When Nazis did then what the US is doing now, and lost, they were hung. The day of reckoning will soon be here for the US war criminals and their enablers. The USA must be accountable for its soldiers, including the insane and sadistic ones who murder or rape on duty in service to their USA masters. Civil cases should be brought against the soldiers and the chain of command that empowered the criminals. Why does the USA have the most lawyers and the most criminal population on the planet??? The filthy USA culture is based on lying, slavery, taking Indian land, ill gotten gains (massive crimes aginst Chinese, Japanese, etc) and deceit from day one. True, it is a strong circumstantial case that the USA is the current Nazi nation. 234 plus years of evidence and crimes to review. 518 years roughly since Columbus should have had his head on a spear, drained and mounted when he set foot on the land. Every good deed is rewarded, eventually. GITMO and the murders by US soldiers are punishing people for crimes they did not commit. EXACTLY. Further, the US is preparing to welcome many enemies motivated by the murders of family members and torture. No wonder the US is so hated and despised worldwide that they have to spend 25/100 of all defense spending, an it is still not enough. The US is a business whose main service is lethal security and armed protection of stolen assets.
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Tristin Tristin | 1 day ago
In war you kill people and break things. Large things! Don't try to rationalize it unless you are there. Reality changes when you get shot at daily and you never know if today is your last day. You NEVER kill civilians, you don't cross that line, you kill the ENEMY! That keeps you halfway sane. Sometimes that line gets blurred and you cross it, not your fault, you'd rather not be there, that is the fault of War.
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For traditional military purposes, two dog tags are issued to each soldier. In the unfortunate case that he is killed in combat, one tag would stay with the body (sometimes attached to the toe using the short chain) and the other tag would go with a scout and eventually to the next of kin. Yes, the same information is put on both tags. The information on each tag depends on the branch of the military that you are in. For the US army it is: Surname First Name, Initial Social Security Number Blood Group Religion (or NO PREFERENCE) See the examples at http://www.mydogtag.com/military for more information.

Reilly Reilly
It is a tragic thing that something like that happened. But he is the one responsible for his actions. And he will be in one of the worst federal prisons for the rest of his life. With your logic we should sue all teachers and their families for failing to properly educated the students in the US. And all automotive manufactures due to the deaths in cars. Sorry it just doesn't work like that.
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Meed Meed
So according to you judgement can be made on an entire nation of 300 million people based on the actions of one person.
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Johnnie Johnnie
Why do I get the feeling that you are one of those people who would sue McDonalds for negligence, if you bought a cup of hot coffee and then spilled it all over yourself?
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Habakkuk Habakkuk
His FAMILY did not commit the crime. You can not punish people for a crime they did not commit. If we could, then we could punish your parents for your being a jackass. Come to think of it, that's not such a bad idea after all.
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4,138 men and women have died in Iraq. http://icasualties.org/oif/ 571 men and women have died in Afghanistan. http://icasualties.org/oef/

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