My dad and I are suicidal?

My dad and I are suicidal? Topic: How to write a good personality profile
June 25, 2019 / By Aleen
Question: First, let me say, we both take meds and have seen a doctor. He's bi-polar and has depression. I have borderline personality disorder, depression, and like 3 or 4 more. Were extremely suicidal. I was already suicidal, but him feeling this way is making me more suicidal. Plus, I cut the other day which made him sad:( I should just kill myself to make everyone happy. I don't want my dad to hurt himself. :/ Help? What's the point of living if all I do is get hurt and hurt others?
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Triston Triston | 2 days ago
Don't you think your dad would do the same if anything happened to you. How could he remain alive? He loves you and you seem to love him. In time these things burn themselves out. Suffering is part of life no matter how distressing it is. You cannot give up. Think of me, I get lonely and have no one to write too. Write to me through my profile if you would. Good Luck!
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Triston Originally Answered: Help Me! Am I Suicidal?
Sounds to me there is a lot of thirteen year old girl there. I don't know now but when I did street counseling there was people refereed to a Goth and thought pretty much like you do. At your age there is nothing wrong with you, your weight will work itself out, being bisexual with always be a good thing because you will always be able to receive sexual comfort from either or either so that is A good thing. A lot of your thought are the artistic you crying for an outlet and I sense it is in drama and acting. Seek out this and throw your self into this and you will find the meaning you are really looking for. How can I say what you are looking for, I didn't you did, it is in all you had written here. Get after it now.
Triston Originally Answered: Help Me! Am I Suicidal?
Hey sweety, You sound like you're going through a rough time in your life. Teenage years can be a real drag, but your height and weight is perfect, you are NOT overweight by any means. I know how you feel about hating life and feeling like it isn't worth living. I have felt that many times. I, myself have a progressive disease, and a lot of other problems, like anxiety attacks, and severe depression. Believe me, I understand. I promise you that there are so many people that love you. You are worth it and you are very special to your family, friends, and others. You deserve so much happiness. I do want to tell you, cutting yourself is not the way to deal with things. It leaves nasty scars on your body, and if you cut a vein one day you could bleed to death. Being bisexual is nothing bad at all. You don't have to tell anyone about it yet, or ever for that matter, unless you decide to when you're older. Everyone is different and deserves equal treatment. Being sensitive is ok, I am very sensitive as well. Sometimes it is a good thing, and sometimes it isn't...but you have a beautiful heart, and that's what matters. Suicide is not the right choice to make. Think about how your life would be if you failed at the attempt and had to be in a hospital on life support cause you were paralyzed and brain dead. Attempts don't always work, and it is not a good choice. Things will get better, and if you take your life, you would never be able to come back and have good things in your life again. I know you don't know me, but I want you to know that I DO care if you live or die. I want you to LIVE, you deserve to be alive and happiness will be in your life again, I promise. I also know how eating disorders are and how they affect you. I have one. It isn't the same as yours but it is similar. Any kind of ED is bad and you really probably need some help and therapy with it. I guarantee you, you're NOT stupid. Maybe you can talk to your parents about getting in different classes. C's aren't all that bad though..your grades can also be affected by your depression and these thoughts. I think once you get to a better place and get through these tough times, your grades will improve. You deserve attention, love, and understanding. You deserve to have friends. If kids are bullying you, PLEASE tell a teacher or security guard, or counselor. They need to know the problem and take care of it. You're not a brat, you wantt o be loved and accepted, everyone does. I want you to know how proud of you I am for reaching out instead of making a decision you would soon regret. I'm sure you're beautiful, inside and out. Don't let anyone tell you differently. Think about your life, your family, and PLEASE get some help from a counselor if you can. I would be happy to talk to you through email or FB if you want to email me [email protected] is my addy. PLEASE feel free to talk to me any time. I have been in your situation many times, I'm here for you...and I care. Lots of Love and hugs to you sweety, hang in there. Robin Holly I can't text ya hun cause I don't have it on my phone, but could I call you? I'd be happy to talk to you.

Reuben Reuben
It sounds like your bouncing off eachother. its not your fault its human nature if u enter the room of an upset person you naturally change moods too, there is nothing you can do about it im afraid. you need to be strong and show eachother the better things in life, i know its easier said than done. Instead of showing ur dad how much ur hurting show him how much you love him. to see the love u have for him will make him feel better and give him a glimmer of hope and when he feels better u will too. if bad feelings can bounce of people so can good ones u just need to put the good vibes out there. the world is a beautiful place, and u deserve to be in it. :)
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Mel Mel
Get some professional therapeutic help, both of you. and there is more to life, no matter how doubtful you are, there IS a way out, and its not in suicide. www.groundwire.net
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Mel Originally Answered: I want to die but I am not suicidal?
First things first, you are very vulnerable at the moment, DO NOT DISCUSS THESE ISSUES VIA PERSONAL E-MAIL OR SKYPE PHONE, ETC. there are no safeguards there, and you are very open to exploitation. You are depressed without a doubt. It is the most common illness bar none, and by far the most common in adolescence. However, what you describe is a little more serious than most experience. You know that your family loves you, but you don't love yourself. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. Probably why I decided to become a mental health nurse and decided that I needed to sort myself out first. I was not alone, but that is how I felt. I actually believed with all my heart that the world would be a better place without me in it. I didn't have help until I was in my mid-twenties, yet here I am, very thankful that I didn't kill myself and making a very positive contribution to society. There is help for you now. Go and see your doctor and your school counsellor. From what you are saying, things are more serious than can be sorted by talking alone, or medication alone, you are likely to need both. Without this help, you will go through hell, I did, as did many people I work with in my line of work who didn't get help either. You really don't need to go through this purgatory. Being depressed is not a lifestyle choice, it is not something you can just snap out of, it is not something you are responsible for being. You are responsible for seeking help and taking what is on offer. There are lots of people who feel this is a sign of weakness, it is not. I still get depressive episodes and I take medication to control it, so I now only get glum and irritable for a month or two a year, and I genuinely enjoy life. Depression is horrid, but very, very treatable. You don't feel this is possible at the moment, but trust me as a mental health nurse and as a fellow depression sufferer, get help, you are not fake. You are not a "people person" because at the moment, you don't like your own company so you aren't likely to feel like "inflicting yourself on others". This is actually a serious misinterpretation due to your depression and once this starts to lift, you will become naturally more out-going and you will start to like and even love yourself (not in a narcissistic manner). Don't run away, as you have identified, you are trying to run away from yourself. You are not the person you used to be, nor are you the person you will become. I know that you are searching, you have a sense of emptiness where there should be something which defines you as a person. Sorry, but this is normal, it is part of being a teenager, in your case, you are hyper-aware of it, probably because of your depression leading to ruminative thinking. I am also guessing from the nature of what you have written, that there is something else you aren't saying, something that makes you feel different and accentuates your feelings of being different and need to put up a front and be fake. This is not selfish, it is a defence mechanism, neither are you fake. You cannot do this on your own, you need professional help and now, you do deserve it. Whatever it is that you have not said, I strongly advise that you choose professional help to discuss this rather than online. I wish you all the best Adam

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