What college could I get into?

What college could I get into? Topic: Good essays on diversity
July 19, 2019 / By Alesha
Question: Im just finishing up my Junior year of High school and my college search is beginning. My freshman year I was not focused on school and got very poor grades. Unfortunately because of this my accumulative gpa is low. I have 3.2 overall, but since my sophomore year I have gotten a 3.5 or higher and that includes honors courses. This year i got a 3.7. I will be taking a few ap courses next year. My ec list is endless.. Soccer team, Newspaper Editor, Ambassador, Key Club, Prom Committee, Pep club exc ( I also have a job). I haven't taken the ACT or SAT yet but im hoping to score fairly high because I have been studying hard and will be taking it in a month. My problem is I want to go to a school in a big city for example New York, LA, DC, anything like that but I haven't been able to find any good school that would accept me with my gpa. Im hoping to major in a Journalism field specifically broadcast, please any suggestions!
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Truman Truman | 5 days ago
Well you're in a tough situation as a low GPA like that can be killer. However with some high power ECs as well as fantastic essays and testing (I'd shoot for 2200+ SAT) you may have a chance at a few good schools. As to journalism, NYC will definite be your best bet, but then again, you'll find great opportunities at DC and LA as well. I'll see if I can put together a list of some quality schools that will be at the upper range of your admissions chances. You may have a hard time getting in at some of them. LA: - Pitzer, Occidental, Loyola Marymount, and feel free to look into UCLA and USC, although these may be significantly out of your range. DC: Catholic university of America, American, George Washington NYC: Fordham, Yeshiva, Hunter, Baruch Put a lot of time into these applications and you may do very well. If you have any hook factors (legacy status, ethnic or socio-economic diversity, recruited athlete status) feel free to look into some higher quality schools (Georgetown for the best school in DC, NYU, Columbia for the best school in NYC, Claremont Mckenna, Pomona, USC, UCLA for the best schools in LA). They all tend to be extremely holistic and might just love your application (Don't put TOO much hope in that though).
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Truman Originally Answered: Long Beach City College, Orange Coast College, or Cypress College?
Im not sure if it matters where you go to CC. Most people just go to a closer school if they want to transfer to another college after getting g.e. requirements. I think you have to complete 60 units. Each school will have the info stated on their website. Something you should also be aware of is their TAG (transfer admission guarantee) and TAP If you follow the requirements and you will get a guarantee admissions into most UCs (not sure if UCLA or Berkeley fall under tap) here are the links for OCC and two UC schools about TAG http://www.orangecoastcollege.edu/studen... http://www.orangecoastcollege.edu/studen... http://admissions.ucsd.edu/transfers/pre... http://www.admissions.uci.edu/admissions/tag.html
Truman Originally Answered: Long Beach City College, Orange Coast College, or Cypress College?
As i'm a Californian, I absolutely have an understanding of why you wish to have to come right here, but the best recommendation i will offer you is that for many individuals the excessive out of state training prices and excessive price of living make even a community institution in California unaffordable. No tuition in any respect to your list is an efficient investment for a non-California resident. You'll acquire as excellent an schooling or potentially a better one at a state college in your own state. For those who consider that you will discover a job here, you must spend a 12 months and a day residing in California and working in an effort to establish residency. Most California public faculties have unique lists of all the different the residency standards on their internet sites. You are not able to be enrolled in any educational application even as you are qualifying for residency. Of your listed faculties, the nice two are long seaside and Cal Poly Pomona. Most people would do not forget Santa Monica school to be the first-rate group institution typically in the l. A. Discipline, but I do not know about its laptop engineering applications or despite the fact that it has any. I hope that this knowledge is as a minimum as priceless to you as a more direct answer to your question, which I can't write in ample detail as I are living in northern California.

Rex Rex
You can always go to community college. Doing well there will prove you can succeed in college, which is what they want to know. You will be able to transfer to another school to finish, including ones that wouldn't have taken you as a freshman. We will always have journalism, it will just take different shapes. Pay attention to non-newspaper forms and online forms. Apparently, you blew ninth grade and have done quite well since. That will be obvious so you will look better than someone whose best is 3.2. Just keep up the good work and do well on your SATs and you will have lots of good options. Most successful people went to good, not the very top, schools. You will be fine.
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Melville Melville
Congratulations! I went to the University of California, Davis (Class of 2003). Significant reminiscences have been beginning my eyes to connections among the quite a lot of disciplines I used to be learning. As you development by way of your regular schooling standards (i.e., reduce department publications external your most important discipline of research), you'll be able to most likely become aware of a few commonalities, an identical veins of inspiration, and one steady that I'll on no account disregard: the whole thing you research involves a research of historical past, be it ordinarily or the precise historical past of the field handy. The extra you'll respect how your most important suits into the better image of human historical past, the extra pleasing and enriching your tuition revel in might be. Have a satisfactory time, and quality of good fortune to you!
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I don't believe that Wayne County Community College has an articulation agreement with MSU http://www.wcccd.edu/students/pdfs/Artic... so any classes you take are at your own risk. That said, people transfer to MSU from Wayne County all the time. Your best bet is to work with the staff at the transfer office of the community college: they probably have a good idea of what transfers and what doesn't. Or maybe the admissions office at MSU will keep a list. You'll have to apply to WCCC but it's pretty much open admissions; just go to their web site and fill out an application. There might be some restrictions if you're under 18 or since you don't actually have your high school diploma yet, but hopefully you can work it out before the start of summer semester. You'll have to take a placement test, probably, for math and English classes. Whether you'll have to "enroll" depends on the school; some require you to enroll for credit, others allow non-matriculating students take classes for credit. Either way, however, please realize that these classes really count - they will be on your "transcript" for life if you apply to graduate programs, even if you choose not to transfer the credits. Also two classes in a summer semester is considered a "full time" schedule, since summer semesters are half the length of regular semesters, but you cover the same amount of material.

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