I am doing a 10 page research paper on the Hitlerjugend (hitler youth) and I need help with more scources?

I am doing a 10 page research paper on the Hitlerjugend (hitler youth) and I need help with more scources? Topic: Research page
July 19, 2019 / By Alethea
Question: I have only 4 good scources and obviously that is not enough for a 10 page college level research paper (i'm only in the 8th grade!). Please e-mail or post an answer to help me find very! good scources. It's important that I get these before April 19th. With love-
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Best Answers: I am doing a 10 page research paper on the Hitlerjugend (hitler youth) and I need help with more scources?

Tucker Tucker | 7 days ago
i dont tknow the name of this story but there was a hitley youth kid back during world war two who told on his parents .... he told one of his elders that his parents did not believe in hitler his parent swere taken to a death camp and killed all because of him
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Tucker Originally Answered: Help - Research paper due - 4 page single spaced on topic that I can cover in 1/2 page?
From the top of my head: The difference in the definition of marriage in different cultures e.g.. Arranged marriage, monogamy, gay etc. The huge industry of prostitution and how its success shows that love is not needed for sex which is the opposite of marriage. This shows the lack of need for marriage? The culture of gold diggers in America and their manipulation of marriage to their own financial game along with the high rate of divorce in this modern age shows people take marriage too lightly? Not enough consideration. The need for all humans to have a companionship which is achieved through marriage and the security which it brings. The evolution of marriage being a loving religious thing hundreds of years ago to whatever you consider it today, just how marriage has developed to traditional to less traditional. --- In my opinion, in the traditional sense, it is unnatural but it is not uncommon. So if you take what is expected as natural, then it is unnatural. If what is common is natural, then it is not. I'd say it isn't considering all the divorces, gold doggers, heartbroken kids and split families nowadays. Hope I helped :)

Rhett Rhett
I have actually participated with a reenactment group 12 SS Hitler youth; this is a non-political organization that simply does WW2 battle reenactments. The 12 SS or "Shutztstaffle" "Protection Force" was the Hitler youth in WW2; a website can be found at : "California Historical Group" look under axis units and you'll come across 12 SS units; it will have some historical content, weapons and uniforms of the SS also. The 12HJ (HITLER JUGEN) Jugen being "youth" in German was put together as a combat unit for the first time at the end of ww2; this was a last ditch effort to save the Reich; 12 SS HJ infantry had children as young as 12 serving in front line units as "Panzerfaust" or anti tank infantry; they carried an anti tank weapon known as the Panzerfaust that fired one shape charged projectile capable of knocking out American Tanks; the 12SS CHG page will have picters of the panzerfaust and various other information. Hope this helped Komaraden.
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Melvyn Melvyn
I would suggest you look into WWII re-enacting units in your area. A lot of the german ones have Hitler Youth units and perhaps you could get some pictures and information from them for your paper. In addition, most of their websites will have a good amount of links for information and suggested reading. Since these groups do what they do for the preservation of history, they are a good source of accurate information on the time period.
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Jona Jona
The current Pope was a member of Hitlerjugend. He should know a lot about it. You can contact him at : In English, the address is [email protected] In Italian: [email protected]
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Haggi Haggi
http://www.shoaheducation.com/HJ.html http://www.feldgrau.com/hj.html http://hitlernews.cloudworth.com/hitler-... http://www.paperlessarchives.com/hitler_youth.html
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Haggi Originally Answered: Whats supposed to be on each page of the 12 page science research paper?
Not really sure what you mean, but search standard APA format (for scientific papers, MLA is for non-scientific) and use the page headings: labeling for page numbers and names etc. I'm not familiar enough with APA to tell you exactlywhat they are but my guess would be a standard page number and name for each page header.

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