How to be a great volleyball captain?

How to be a great volleyball captain? Topic: How to write a speech for school captain
June 24, 2019 / By Alex
Question: I am a junior at my school and I was voted captain my team along with another girl, who is a senior. There are other seniors on the team who ran for captain (you have to be nominanted to run, then give a speech, and then get the top votes)..but the other seniors did not win. I feel I best deserved being captain because I am the top player on the team and have better qualities for a captain, but now the other captain and other seniors are kinda mad at me, but wont show it. I dont know what to do. Any help? Also, I want to do something creative for everyone on my team..like, design waterbottles for everyone for every game or something like that. Any ideas for that?? Thanks!
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Tucson Tucson | 8 days ago
being a captain cannot be taught or learned. it is something you have to find inside you. as for the seniors that are mad, simply ask then why they did not vote for someone else for captain. you won the majority, you earned it. show them you deserve to be captain by staying positive around them and don't show them you know they are mad. just be yourself, and eventually they will feel stupid for being such jerks. as for the designing something, you could go to like michaels or amazing savings and get like $2 water bottles and write their names on it a get vb stickers or something so everyone always has a water bottle. it would be cute. like i said, leadership is something inside you. you feel like you deserved captain, and for that you do. just keep your head up and show them you are a true leader! good luck
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Rich Rich
Well my coach always says to the captains to talk to your teammates on the court and keep a positive attitude. When someone makes a mistake just quickly tell them to just shake it off. If the captains' aren't having the right mind set then the whole team does badly. So if you're down by a few points then tell your team to just play one point at a time. and as for the seniors just tell them that you got nominated and you just ran for team captain and if the majority of the team wants you to be captain then you just can't help it. Plus why should they be mad at you? I mean it's not like you bribed your team to vote for you right? Oh and as for something creative, maybe do some fund raising and buy personalized volleyball t shirts or water bottles for your team.
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Menahem Menahem
I actually made co-captain of my volleyball team this year. To be captain u the first thing u need to know is how to play the game. You should be a good teacher so u can teach the new people how to play. Also be very encouraging. Make sure in a game everyone is in the right positions. It basically takes a lot of leadership.
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Jonah Jonah
okay, one just be like a leader, if you are losing a game and it's a blow out game, just give them some encouragement, everone will start feeling better and lift their heads up high. No one really cares about water bottles or anything like that, they'll just end up getting lost, someone will take someone else's home by mistake, blah, blah, blah....., but at the end of the season, make arrangements to get like team sweatshirts or something (have everyone pay for their own, because they are VERY expansive) everyone loves sweatshirts or a big team photo for everyone, that's a memory that the seniors or girls who might be changing schools can keep forever to remember there 2008-2009 volleyball team.
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Haig Haig
well for the cool things for designs are ribbons, waterbottles, write inspirational nots, goodey bags with dumb stuff in them, make cds, be creative dont sweat the other girls there just jealous and obvivously inmature since the whole team voted for u and not them they should be mad for the people who voted not u
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Easter Easter
just be super supportive of everyone! dont let the other girls that may or may not be mad at u get to u! always be positive! that is super important. as for the creative idea, tye-dye shirts in your teams colors! u can host a tye-dye party!
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Cadence Cadence
Ummmm...for the design alot of girls on our team buy ribons for our hair, they also have their parents take pics and then make a cd.
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