Do you think Obama has any real chance of being re-elected?

Do you think Obama has any real chance of being re-elected? Topic: The case store facebook
July 18, 2019 / By Alexa
Question: After just investigating for the first time Obamas 2012 campaign web site I was quite surprised. After being forced to enter an email address to enter then I was forced to either automatically make a donation or figure out how to some how look for a link around that. After entering Barrack Obama 2012.com I soon realized Obamas hole campaign website is as it stands right now nothing but an empty shell. Not a single link to the issues or anything but just links to facebook and twitter groups that probably don't even really exist. I was also amazed to see that the only thing running on his site is an obama 2012 apparel store without any campaign slogans on any of their products just a simply bland obama symbol with the one liner below it Barrack Obama 2012.com. I thought that corporate America would appreciate a do nothing leave all of George Bush policies in place president to at least provide the man with at least an average or coherent campaign website by now. You would think that the big banks and wall street after obamas do nothing approach after Bush might want to chip in a little but surprisingly that doesn't seem to be the case. I think I might buy some 2012 products though just as collectibles. I guess there might be no faster way to cause a situation in public faster than wearing a Barrack Obama 2012 t shirt.
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Tudor Tudor | 9 days ago
Are you sure you went to the official Obama web site? There are several, you know. It seems like you went to a fundraiser site. Anyway, to answer your question, of course Obama has a real chance. The incumbent always has the advantage. Secondly, look at the field of GOP candidates. The only candidates (Romney, Paul, Newt) who can seriously challenge Obama will never be nominated by the Christian Conservatives and Southern Conservatives who dominate the GOP primaries. I do not think the other candidates (Perry, Bachmann, Cain, Santorum) can win the general election.
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Tudor Originally Answered: Does it bother anyone that Obama will do anything to get elected?
If it doesn't, it really should. People like Obama, who will lie their way to anything with no regret, are the most dangerous kind of people. Anyone who will vote for him at this point is brainwashed beyond hope. EDIT Why do people forget about Ron Paul? I challenge someone to show me one instance in which he has flip flopped in the past 10 years. His only "flip-flop" was in the late 80's, when it became clear that an open-border policy with Mexico would not and could not work. Why don't people give him credit, and vote for him? Or at least respect him for it.

Richard Richard
Bro, its over a year away. The only reason the republicans are campaigning now is so that they will have a candidate when the presidential campaign starts.
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Merari Merari
Too early to tell. Let us first see who the republicans pick as their presidential candidate. Secondly, it is the economy. Voters may not be happy with Obama and the economy but they may feel worse off with a certain republican and a bad economy. Let's waite and see for now...
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Jonathan Jonathan
I'm going to go out on a limb here, but I honestly believe the only possible way for Obama to win reelection is if he gets the most votes in the electoral college. Call me crazy, but I sincerely believe that.
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Hal Hal
If the GOP comes up with a Perry/Bachmann, Perry/Palin slate or some combination thereof, no problem.
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Eb Eb
If the economy turns around and people start getting jobs, then and ONLY then will he stand a chance.
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Cadogan Cadogan
Fool me once shame on you.... Fool me twice shame on me...... Last election cycle Obama's campaign did the same thing and used the known fact that once people donate they do not want to feel foolish and therefore feel that they have taken a side and joined a cause no matter whether they even know what that side or cause is. Well he is trying the same thing to get to the next page he wants a donation..... As I said fool the people once shame on you... Fool us twice shame on us..... The answer to your question may be enjoyed right here: these are dire straights go ahead and press the button http://nooooooooooooooo.com/
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Alen Alen
He has about the same chance as I do of being Time Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive 2011. It aint likely!
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Alen Originally Answered: Obama's real only strength in this campaign is that he opposed the Iraq war?
His real strength is his ability to pull a 21st century Elmer Gentry on so many people. They have decided to ignore the fact that he is an America hating racist ex-crackhead Marxist.

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