Need Help with study plan, any help would be great?

Need Help with study plan, any help would be great? Topic: Case study difficult students in class
July 18, 2019 / By Alexia
Question: Ok, so I'm 15 (girl) and I'm in grade 9, I need to start a study plan because i really want to improve my work habits. If there's a website that could do that or if you could explain how to use excell? thankyou :) x
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Best Answers: Need Help with study plan, any help would be great?

Tybalt Tybalt | 2 days ago
I schooled in pre-computer days. I learned how to study most efficiently while at college - which was great when I switched over to university. The college I attended had a terrific graphic arts/design course (not the course I was taking) and every month that department produced a poster-sized calendar and gave a copy to each student (or at least had it available). I placed the current one on the inside door of my room and marked it with all my assignment 'due dates'. It worked like a charm. I used the same plan when at university - only with a different type of calendar. You can mark schedules out in your computer but remember sometimes computers fail to operate and even lose data. Mark all assignment dates in a book you carry to classes. Be sure to put these on a separate calendar at home - in case you ever lose that little book you carry around. The same holds true for those using laptops or equivalent to keep assignments in order. The smaller the piece of electronic equipment the easier it is to drop, lose or have stolen. Again such equipment goes 'down' sometimes never to retrieve lost data. Prioritize your daily studies based on your own level of ability, the ease of certain course work as opposed to the more difficult classes you have to take. Know when tests are and/or work out a pattern for those instructors who love 'pop' quizzes. Know when and how to take breaks. Breaks from academic work helps you to assimilate - process - all that data you are cramming into your brain which is still developing. Enjoy the process as much as you can. If you need to (because some courses are just boring for us and hard to 'get') reward yourself in some way after spending time on a difficult school related task. Some students I know of used to go to the movies the night before an exam in order to get away from the books. You will be able to do that, too, once you figure out how to keep up with (preferably ahead of) the work and learn the difference between studying (permanently etching data in your mind) and cramming (last minute temporarily transferring data into your mind).
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Tybalt Originally Answered: I need to come up with a study plan. Help? Please?
Do your hardest/worst subject first. Any projects should be done a little each night so you don't cram it all in one day. You could either have 2-3 hours every day on homework or spread it out through the day. Try to get hw done at school if you can.

Rickey Rickey
I use excel :) In the first column, do time slots from when you finish school increasing by 15 mins (ie 3:00pm, 3:15pm etc) and then across the top, do the days of the week. Then each sunday night, I plan which slots to do homework in (like some nights I'll have five assignments due, and another night I have only one test) and stick to it :) I have a longer plan for sat and sun :) It's actually quite easy to get organised if you're motivated, which you seem to be, so good luck! x
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Merle Merle
study 4 hours established.i study 12 to 2pm in afternoon and eight to 10 at evening . by using doing this u will by no skill get a burden of analyzing lot at as quickly as.u can surely cover ur entire syllabus very surely.reliable success izabel.
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Jonty Jonty
Due to my working plan, i think you should draw out a scale(timetable) in your preferences,with scheduled time, then stick to it. Hope this will help.
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