Why can't I focus?

Why can't I focus? Topic: English paper due tomorrow
June 24, 2019 / By Alexina
Question: I have 3 papers due for my english class tomorrow (I'm in college and I'm taking summer courses) and I can't seem to focus on them. It's 1:33 am where I am right now, and my class isn't until 2 pm, so I have some time in the moning, but I don't want to rush things. I have 2 jobs so I'm pretty busy and the only time that I have to do stuff is late at night. So I guess my question is why can't I focus on my papers? I know how important the assignment is, so what's my problem? Any insight would be great.
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Tye Tye | 3 days ago
I have similar issues with focusing. It is from doing so many things at once. Your brain basically gets tired, and shuts down on you. I'm not sure what will help besides trying to find more time to rest, and not worry about it. I know when you worry it only ends up making it worse because you placing more pressure on yourself then you already have. Right now I am attempting to study so I can go back to school, and everytime I try I can't seem to concentrate long enough to accomplish as much as I need to, and because I am so worn out from everything else I have to do. I end up forgetting most of what I had managed to study. It get's quite irritating. When you have a day off here, or there take long naps, or do something that relaxes you... it will help make you feel more refreshed and up for whatever tasks you end up having to deal with later on. Anything that calms you, and keeps your mind from worrying too much about the things you have to do always usually helps.
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This is going to sound odd, but lists are the answer. Create lists of what needs to be accomplished, and if possible, create some kind of reward that goes along with completion of the list. As you complete each item, allow him to check off that item on the list and reinforce to him that he is getting closer to his goal. People with A.D.D. think in lots of smaller chunks, so if you play to that aspect by breaking down into smaller chunks that he can achieve rather simply -- the bigger picture isn't so overwhelming cause it's not the immediate focus. It also gives him a feeling of success upon completion of each item, which provides motivation to repeat that success. I have A.D.D., and even to this day it works really well for me.
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ADHD kids can be distracted from work by anything, even the erasures left by an eraser. Try somewhere else other than the library unless you can find a room at your library that you can use. I tutor all my ADHD kids in a small room away from everything. I then turn the radio on quietly to some classical music. This plays in the background and seems to soothe the students and starts to calm them. Listening to music, whether they are aware of it playing or not helps them focus because it is forcing him to use both sides of his brain. When the student comes in I gently remind him that we are here for study time not fun time. If he gets through with his work then we do something that he likes to do. One student is really into railroads so when he finishes his work his reward is time in the library looking at railroad magazines. Structure your session, let your student know that for the next 15 minutes he needs to do his work. Then take a 5 minute break and let him do something he likes or just take a short walk around the library and talk with him. Then return to work for another 15 minutes with a 5 min break. Do this until your time is up or he finishes his work, whichever way you work this helps keep him focused. Ever hear the saying "I wonder where that kids puts all that food. He must have a hollow leg." Well ADHD kids have a hollow heart. They can never get enough attention. You need to let him know that you care about him and that all your attention is on him. Get to know his likes and dislikes and use his likes as rewards. Try to explain to the parents that this child is a child that needs structure in his life to keep him on track. If they would work with you in making sure some of the homework got done it would help you out and you could concentrate on the subjects that he is weak in. Good luck. :-)
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Ricki Ricki
You have overwhelmed yourself and your brain is tired. Set the alarm and take a nap. When you get back up you should be better able to get to work on your papers. Good luck!
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You already have to write papers?! Sucks... Oh wait that isn't motivation... *Ahem* Do your work now or you will lose your laptop privileges!

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