Question: Relationship between Brothers and Sisters?

Question: Relationship between Brothers and Sisters? Topic: The sisters brothers
June 25, 2019 / By Alexis
Question: Do you think the relationship between a brother and sister could be more inward/close, than between two brothersor two sisters? Why?
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Tylar Tylar | 4 days ago
Maybe. It all depends on interests, and values and things. some brothers and sisters tell the other everything! But yeah, there are some things a guy would tell his brother; not his sister, and some things a girl would tell her sister; not her brother. But I knew of a brother and sister who were real close, and told each other things; and when sister died, brother couldn't keep a straight face long enough for the ulogy. It all depends on what info the other person can handle. I've got a lot of cousins whom I consider brothers and sisters, but some of my girl cousins don't want to hear about boys(when refering to me being with them), it's too gross for them. It all depends on the pair.
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Tylar Originally Answered: Did you grow up with all brothers and no sisters?
Lol, I have four younger brothers and no sisters what so ever. It's hard but if it's the only thing you've ever known you get used to it. They get on my nerves so much sometimes it isn't even funny. Of course, I guess being the oldest doesn't help much. They are very lovable sometimes and the oldest is like a younger older brother, if that makes any sense. Everytime that I am around a guy he comes up and starts talking to him, quizzing him about everything from personality to money to pets, everything. In fact my current boyfriend and my brother don't get along very well because of the fact that my brother is constantly trying to butt into everything. I also have grown up thinking that a lot of things that other girls think are gross are not. We usually go camping quite often. Life is different from having a small family. Sometimes I wish that I either had a smaller family or I had at least one little sister I could spoil.

Rickie Rickie
They are all inportant but sisters will show there bond better than the other two in most cases. Time magizine recenctly did an issue on siblings and their conclusion came to being that the relationship b/w siblings is the most influental relationship in our lives!!! Think about that the next time you are smakin around your brother or sister!
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Merlyn Merlyn
I think all relationships between brother and sister are the same, but if they are the same sex then they might understand each other better, know what one is going through.
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Jophiel Jophiel
what kind of closeness do you mean? the plain brother-sister closeness is totally. i mean. it's really great to be really close and open to your sibs ebcause they're the ones who would most understand you (aside from your rents, of course).i wish i could be like that with my sis and bro...
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