Married Muslim brothers and sisters how can I stop this problem?

Married Muslim brothers and sisters how can I stop this problem? Topic: The sisters brothers word count
July 18, 2019 / By Alexus
Question: Salam Alykum brothers and sisters, I have been married for 2 years on saturday alhumdulliah, but my problem is when my husband and I get into an argument it will start out small then sometimes end up in a big argument and I get so mad that I tell my husband I want a divorce I try bitting my tounge on saying that word but its like the first thing that comes to mind and I say it so please brothers and sisteres or Non Muslims that can provide me with good advice on how to stop this please and thanks jazakha'allah khair... RUDE COMMENTS WILL BE BLOCKED AND REPORTED!!! @محمد الله اكبر I know but I'm short tempered and sometimes my husband don't know when to stop and I'm the same way so I'm trying my best to stop saying that and then I feel bad because it takes a few days for him to get over it. @Ashely I'm happy with him I love him very much really don't know wht I would do without him but there are just times I just want to pull my hair because he makes me so angry and the first thing that comes to mind is why don't we just divorce and I want to try to stop saying that insha'allah (if God Willing) @jaxx563 I agree but thanks to God that are arguments don't get to the point for counseling yet. we are like all married couples we have arguments from time to time just when it gets to that point of an argument Is when this problem happens.
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Tyler Tyler | 5 days ago
Well now atleast i know that i'm not the only one with this problem..*sigh* Well sister since i have gone through this, i know how you feel. I've been married a little over a year, and every time we argue, i shout " i want a divorce". I'm sure that you are like me and you don't mean it. You just say it out of anger, but your husband doesnt know that. Trust me, these kinds of things hurts marriages. Try your best to refrain from screaming and shouting, especially things like divorce. There are some things that cannot be forgotten with a simple "I'm sorry" try to remember that. How would you feel if your husband told you he wants a divorce?? Even if he was just mad at the time and apologizes later?? Not very good huh? What i have done is to stop the bomb before it explodes. I mean if you sense that whatever you are discussing is turning into a heated arguement, then stop the discussion before it turns into a battle. Go to your room and be away from each other until you cool off, then go back and finish what you were talking about in a cool and calm manner. Anger clouds our sense of judgement and makes us say and do things that we would never have said or done if we were thinking straight. I also read some where that a good teqnique is always have a glass of cool water next to you. When you feel anger burning inside you, just take a sip of the water and keep it in your mouth. Don't swallow it. Then count to ten. The water will keep you from shouting out insults and things that you'll regret later, and the counting will help you calm down... I have done the things i've mentioned above,and alhamdullilah i haven't asked my husband for the divorce in awhile, and i havent shouted inappropriate things lately either. May allah help both of us be good wives to our husbands, and make them good husbands to us...Ameen God bless you and good luck!~:-)
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Ricky Ricky
First you should have your self control with you, try to always give up things in between you and your husband, your not gonna lose anything nor he does, consider your hubby like the best ever friend you had at school. Things which could make you clam... When ever there is an argument in between both of you, try to keep your self quiet and move away from your hubby, act as if your an innocent... Or you may laugh out loud simply by looking at your own self, for the way you behave... Or just think about something really interesting which would make you feel relaxed and calm. When ever you get angry and when your uncontrolable try doing something that will always keep you comfortable! Anger is an asset and Allah will bless you for using it to discipline your family and your people. (As long as you are not on the wrong side and as long as ur conscious is clear) Here is a beutifull saying... "If a problem can be solved, there is no use worrying about it. If a problem cannot be solved, there is no use worrying about it" So be cool & think wisely before you take any decision... Cheers!
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Merrick Merrick
sit with your husband during the calm loving times and have a nice discussion.. Affirm your love for him and remember the wonderful things.. Be grateful he is loving, generous, kind, a good provider.. discuss with him in a calm manner the subject of arguments. Tell him or ask him to be patient with you if you have an argument in the future, discuss the fact that your mouth and words shoot out before you think and you never really mean divorce, maybe with his help, he also can think of a way to difuse the situation during an argument.. a true marriage can test the time and we are all human, we all have disagreements, it would be a boring world if everyone thought the same way, liked the same things, etc.. Variety and diversity is a good thing.. .. Its how you argu and how you communicate and how you make up that counts.. You can agree to disagree, no one says you cant have your point of view.. Try to realize what the other persons point is... Sometimes just step back and say.. Ok, I get your point, nod and leave it... (makeup sex with a spouce is wonderful stuff)...
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Joram Joram
I am a non Muslim and am not going to insult your faith by acting that I do. Also, I am not sure how Muslims feel when it concerns divorce, but the way I feel and believe if two people are in a relationship that is not healthy for either party then maybe it is a relationship that needs to be looked into. If you and your husband both argue and say things that you feel remorseful about, may be the tow of you should seek counseling. You can either do this through a professional marriage counselor or psychiatrist or seek the advise of your religious leader. I hope that I have given you some decent advice and wish you good luck in finding the peace that you seek.
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