Suggestions for a lightweight anti-virus for a sloooooow PC?

Suggestions for a lightweight anti-virus for a sloooooow PC? Topic: Scan check writing services
July 19, 2019 / By Aliah
Question: Hello, I assembled a PC, it only has a single core, 1.25GHz, 512MB RAM and a 64MB video card. I'm using AVG as an anti-virus but it really ***** up the computer when it updates, scans, etc. Could you recommend any lite anti-virus that's also effective for a PC this slow? Thanks. Can Panda Cloud detect viruses even if you're offline/not connected to the Internet? ELfaGeek, is that so? So that's why it's effin' slow! I'm running XP SP3.
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Tyrone Tyrone | 9 days ago
AVG is good, but if it's too much for your PC, try Microsoft Security Essentials (free). Also, here's a routine to optimize your PC: 0. Correct disk errors by running CheckDisk: a. Start> Computer >select C Drive>Right Click C Drive>select "Properties">"Tools" > click "Check Now"> Select both boxes and click "Start". b. This can take a long time, so let it complete (may take all night or longer. Be patient.) 1. Ensure your PC has as much memory (RAM) as possible. a. Go to Start > Right Click "Computer" > Properties b. This will list the processor type and speed as well as how much RAM is installed and what version of windows is running along with the Service Pack #. Write all this down as it may be needed later. c. Use the RAM Configurator linked below to see what RAM your PC uses and the max it will support. d. Get the maximum amount of memory your computer can hold and install it (the configurator has directions on how to install it). 2. Get good Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware programs (AVG is good for Anti Virus; MalWare Bytes is a good, free anti malware program as is SuperAntiSpyware -- see links below. Get the AV if you don't have one and Malware Bytes & SuperAntiSpyware). a. Download Malware Bytes and install it. Also download and install SuperAntiSpyware. b. Run a complete (full) SpyWare scan with Malware Bytes and handle whatever it finds. Repeat with SuperAntiSpyware, handling what it finds. c. Run a complete Virus Scan and handle whatever it finds (if you are going to change AV programs, remove the old one first before installing AVG). 3. Next, ensure the Registry is clean and the disk's clutter is also cleaned out. Solution: Get and run a good, reliable registry cleaner. (Note: Registry cleaners can cause problems if misused. Use a reliable time-proven one like CCleaner and leave it at default settings till you know what additional options will do. Ensure you allow it to make a back up of any changes made so these can be reversed if needed). a. If no Reg cleaner, get CCleaner here: http://download.cnet.com/ccleaner/ b. Run the Registry cleaner till it finds and corrects all errors c. Run the "Cleaner" to analyze the disk and see what files it finds to delete and then delete the files that are not needed (most of the files it finds are unneeded, but look through the categories to make sure). d. In CCleaner, under "Tools", go to "Start Up" and look over the programs that start up on your PC. You may see a lot of programs that simply do not need to start up when you first boot up your PC. Disable these and leave only the essential ones (if not sure, note down the program name and then try to open it up via  Start-> All Programs. If not essential, disable them). These are big "RAM Eaters" and many times are not needed at start up -- if you do need to use them, you can start them up as needed. 4. Now defragment the drive with a good third party program that will defrag your drive and keep it defragmented. Fragmentation is basically broken-up pieces of files and free space randomly scattered all over your disk. The disk has to work a lot harder to save files in pieces and then to find them again and this really slows your computer down. It also wears out your disk, as the more the disk is used, the faster it wears out. Basic defragmenting finds all the pieces of a file and puts them together. Windows has a basic built-in defrag tool, but it can be slow and you cannot use the PC while it is running (some users complain that it did not completely defrag their disks despite running all night). a. Below is a Top 10 Reviews side-by-side comparison of the best defrag programs around: b. Select a program and install a free trial. The better defrag programs are automatic. The gold medal winner in the above review can defrag while you use the PC and it will also prevent fragmentation (see the review). You can get a free trial of the gold medalist at the link below. c. Defragment your disk drives. Once this all is done, your PC will be in much better shape and should no longer be sluggish. Good luck and let me know how this works out for you. Bill R TechSpec ...
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Tyrone Originally Answered: Have computer virus - mouse moves slow, at 100% cpu usage But I can't find it with anti virus software?
here is soem stuff that might help HOW TO REMOVE MALWARE FOR FREE AND ViRUSES Easy step by step directions with videos. Watch this video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Ah3efRdW… (Directions) 1.Go to "Start" -> Run -> Type msconfig and hit Ok. Go in BOOT.INI tab and tick both "Safe boot" and to the right of that "Networking" and hit Apply and Close.(It will boot in "Safe with networking mode" Choose Administrator) 2.While in "Safe with networking mode" Download Malwarebytes. (Free) http://download.cnet.com/Malwarebytes-An… (Note)If you already have Malwarebytes installed and it won't run go in it's program file and rt click on the red mbam app and rename it mbam.bat then rt click and choose send to-> Desktop (create shortcut) now close out of everything and go to your desk top and use that app to launch M-Bam for now on. 3.Right click on the mbam setup app you downloaded and rename it xxxx then Dbl click on it and install and update it and run a full scan and delete/quarantine all entities it finds and restart if it asks? (Note) If it won't update use this link to download and install the latest rules: http://www.malwarebytes.org/mbam/databas… 4.Go to Start,Run,type msconfig and hit ok.Go in BOOT.INI tab and untick Safe Boot and then go in the Startup tab and (uncheck) all programs (not) needed at startup (Only check programs you want running all the time like antivirus,IM,etc)"Lesser is better in this case" and hit apply,close,restart. Your computer will boot normally and on your desktop a window will popup,check "Don't show this message" box and hit ok. (Note)Check here for info's on startup programs http://www.techspot.com/startup/ (How to video) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbSwtNiBx… 5.Download Superantispyware,install,update,and run a quick scan and delete/quarantine all entities it finds. (Free) http://download.cnet.com/SuperAntiSpywar… 6.Download Avira,install and set it to do automatic scans and turn on AntiVirguard (firewall) then run a quick scan and delete/quarantine all entities it finds and your done.(Free) http://download.cnet.com/Avira-AntiVir-P… (Note) After doing all this you should be virus free and protected against future infections and now you need to clean up your startup menu. 7.Download Startup Monitor.It's a add on that acts like a firewall for your startup menu and keeps malware from installing itself without your permission. (Free) http://www.mlin.net/StartupMonitor.shtml and this too How to make ur comp faster my guide :D 1. Do a disk cleanup go to start all programs accesorties and then go to system tools and click on disk cleanup. Click ok and delete the files but make sure u tick all the boxes. Or u can download CCleaner for that too either one is find. 2. Clean out temp folders hold the start key the one with the flag and press the R key and type in %temp% and then press enter so now delete everything in the folder it holds back ups files and small txt files everything there u don’t need I can promise u that. The other folder go to start menu and type in the start search box temp and clean out that stuff too in that folder it holds small txt files. 3. Do a dis defragment with u can use the windows one they give u . start menu all programs accesroies and then system tools disk defragmenter u can use that or download O&O disk deframentor or defraggler or smart defrag from the internet type it in http://www.filehippo.com/ . 4. Don’t have icons on ur desktop it slows down ur computer when the computer tuerns on it hs to load all of those files icons. 5. Stop programs from trunning whne u turn on ur comp. hold the start menu flag key and press R and type in msconfig and go to startup and tick off everything u don’t want to start up when u turen ur comp on. 6. Do windows updates to keep ur computer safer from viruses malware etc. 7. Run a program like memory improve ultimate if ur memory is high and u need to lower it download this program http://avaxsearch.com/avaxhome_search?q=… after u download the latest one to use it click relaim then defrag it will lower ur memory down dramamtically I lower mine 200-300mb lower. 8. Turn off services . hold the start menu flag key and press R and type in services.msc. and google them and disable the ones u don’t need to diable right lcik on one and click properties and where it says manual or automatic pick diable apply and then ok. That will save memory. 9. Use malwarebytes superantispyware and a antivirus program eset nod32 avast or Norton Norton slows ur computer a bit but has stronger protection for that. and a firewall zonealarm or outpost .

Rik Rik
I agree with Elfageek. I've been using Ubuntu for a long time now and it's the best, most secure operating system. No viruses and works super fast with minimum memory. If you still want to use windows, maybe you could use some tool to make it faster. But once you try ubuntu, you wouldn't want to touch windows again. It also comes with MANY free apps, and you could pretty much do anything you need, better than Windows.
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Merv Merv
What Operating System are you running? There's not enough RAM to even run XP, with SP 3, well. And, best guess, that's why it's so slow. So do yourself a big favour, and try the free Xubuntu Linux, which will run great on your antiquated PC, and, you won't need any Anti-Virus, period.
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Jordon Jordon
Download 'Windows Defender' and the 'Malicious Software remover tool.' There free and on the microsoft web page under downloads. or just put 'Windows Defender in your search box.'There's also a free pc scan to from microsoft that will scan everything but it takes a while. It use to be called windows plus but i think it's under windows live now.
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Hanan Hanan
Please do NOT use Norton!! Use AVG or Avira (loose version) in your antivirus. Get Ad-mindful 2008 and Spybot Search and Destroy in your anti-spyware and adware! AVG- Comes with anti-spyware and adware, now. It additionally tests the internet sites that arise on Google/Yahoo, so that you could entry handiest secure webpages. Spybot Search and Destroy- It detects alterations to your laptop and allows for you to give up them. It additionally immunises your laptop towards detrimental web sites you may have had revel in with. Ad-mindful 2008- Everyone demands it ;)
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Edison Edison
Ehm.. I was looking for a free download of Ccleaner I found it here http://bit.ly/1rXpPR1 It's a very simple and nice software.
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