Does this sound like a great organised way to continue learning and studying the Japanese vocabulary?

Does this sound like a great organised way to continue learning and studying the Japanese vocabulary? Topic: English information and ideas writing a book
July 18, 2019 / By Alica
Question: I'd study everyday from 30 minutes to an hour. I'd make a list of 25 Japanese words to study every week. 5 are verbs, the other 20 are other words, they can be katakana, hiragana, and can include its kanji reading as well. And besides the vocabulary list I also focus in a particular lesson each week, for instance, the use of certain particles, the next week sentence order, using verbs, etc Harder lessons can contain easier vocabulary but usually the vocabulary will be a mix of katakana, easy hiragana words, and kanji. This only is for vocabulary and understanding the language obviously I'd have to do more than that to become fluent in a far future. I already know how to read kana and have a couple hundred word vocabulary and already know the basics. Also any tip that you could give me, thanks! ^^ I got the idea from my memories as 3rd grader in English class.
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Best Answers: Does this sound like a great organised way to continue learning and studying the Japanese vocabulary?

Tyrrell Tyrrell | 10 days ago
Scammy, these are my suggestions: 1. It's very, very good that you have the discipline of studying 30 minutes a day; however, if you want to progress in your understanding of Japanese faster you need to spend much more time with the language everyday. I'm not talking about spending more time studying per se, but doing fun stuff in the language, like listening to music, podcasts (NOT learner podcasts, but podcasts meant for Japanese natives), watching videos on YouTube, TV shows, movies, anime, etc. Also, try reading some manga, books or websites in Japanese. Playing videogames in full Japanese is great practice too! In short, studying is good, but real and very frequent contact with the language is what will truly take you to Japanese mastery. 2. Download and install the Anki application: http://www.ankisrs.net It is an Spaced Repetition System. It works similarly to flashcard software, with the difference that it automatically schedules your reviews for you. You can use it to review the kanji, the kana, Japanese vocabulary among lots of other things. 3. Instead of studying Japanese words separately learn them through full Japanese sentences, and review them using Anki. For instance, if you want to learn the word "haru" look for an example sentence or phrase that uses "haru", like "haru ga daisuki!" (written in kanji and kana, of course). Then make an Anki flashcard with the sentence WITHOUT furigana on front, and the sentence WITH furigana on the back. If your level of Japanese is still somewhat low, also include an English translation of the sentence on the back. You can find lots of example sentences (with English translation) here: http://www.tatoeba.org Using sentences to learn vocabulary is much more effective than learning words alone, because a sentence provides context for the word and the grammatical structure where it's used. 4. This might sound weird, but stop studying grammar. DON'T study grammar rules, discover and acquire them yourself as you pay attention to real media in Japanese and also the sentences that you practice. If you want more information I recommend you check out this resource: http://www.squidoo.com/learn-japanese-language-truth I wish you great success in your Japanese journey! :D
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