What are the differences between Northerners and Southerners?

What are the differences between Northerners and Southerners? Topic: Things to write a compare and contrast essay on
June 25, 2019 / By Aline
Question: I'm writing an essay and would like to base it on this considering my essay is a compare and contrast essay. Just wondering and hoping if you know anything that stands out. I DO NO need answers like: -ones from the north the others from the south -one are Yankees the others are rednecks I want real, serious answers please, as i am trying to write an essay. thank you very much guys MUAH! "d
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Ulick Ulick | 3 days ago
accents foods opinions of the other (what northeners think of southeners and vice versa) terminology - what northeners may call one thing - southeners might not know what tht is
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Ulick Originally Answered: Why do southerners practice christianity so differently (and I would say backward) then the northeast?
Moonshine is the difference. Southerners drink themselves silly. Witness Dubya. Anything that requires them to get up and move away from the still (such as good works) is frowned upon.

Rimon Rimon
Their accents/ dialect. Also their culture and heritage. People in the south tend to be more religious than people that live in the north. Ever hear of the "bible belt?". You could write a whole essay just about that. You could also write about the south's french and spanish heritage. You can find many references for creoles and cajun. Not to mention the climate and landscape of the south. You could write a lot about country music and southern folklore. Just take a trip to the library. I don't write to your essay for you, but I hope I got you off to a good start!
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Meryle Meryle
As a northerner by skill of beginning and a southerner by shifting to London while i replaced into 12, I even have observed relatively good ameliorations. interior the north it somewhat is uncomplicated for a complete stranger to bid you solid day, quit for a rapid chat in the previous shifting on. In London you will the two be suggested to the Police as a weirdo or overwhelmed up. The experience of humour is diverse. the relatively some issues that i detect relaxing are lost on my southern friends, and vice versa. meals additionally are the place there are ameliorations. Even something trouble-free like waiting Brek (bleurch), I choose perfect oats for porridge. i replaced into raised on Pikelets and Oatcakes, my spouse replaced into raised on chicken and Chips. i think of all and sundry is pushed by skill of money and ambition however the North someway makes time for individuals extra uncomplicated than the South. No theory why although.
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Joses Joses
I was raised in the north, and now live in the south. People in the north are louder, have a better sense of humor, don't refer to the people from the South as Rebs, and seem more educated. People from the South are slower and quieter. They don't get a joke for nothing, and always refer to people from the North as Damn Yankees. Even when you tell them you find this offensive, they keep doing it to your face and behind people's backs. Southern people eat more deep fried foods cooked in lard, and tend to be heavier than people in the North. Lord, I could go on.
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Hank Hank
the north is more urban, like the south is more country. the accents, foods, cultures, and just ways of life in general differ when you cross the border. it is also much colder up here(; the south are more polite and joyfull(ex: mardi gras) while the north are load, rude and complain alot but we still are happy.(im from the north and im admitting it! its very true)
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