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I just don't get it? Topic: D day facts for homework
July 19, 2019 / By Alisha
Question: I can't sleep. ever. I mean, I'll go lay in bed for like 2 hours & It just wont happen. so then I'll get on the computer and be stuck on there all night. I end up not going to sleep untill 6am. :/ what do I do!? MORE DETAILS: haha, when I go to bed, I usually ten to turn on a nightlight, because i am in fact afraid of the dark, for reasons that I don't feel like talking about :D but, anyways & I also HAVE to take my pants off, or I can't sleep. bu I dream every night when I do sleep, but I can't go to sleep unless I stay awake until my eyes wont open anymore. & I am not depressed. I recently have been, but I go to a therapist. did that help any? Do you think my anxiety has anything to do with it? because I don't have medicine for it. But I do have anxiety.
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Uni Uni | 7 days ago
Lack of sleep may be a sign of depression. Seek help there. You have not given much info, so I will make some guesses. Good sleeping habits: 1. Only sleep or sex in bed. No watching TV or doing work/homework, etc. 2. Don't drink alcohol after 8pm, in fact it might be helpful to give it up for a while 3. If you can't sleep, get up and try to sleep in another bed. Don't turn on a lot of lights 4. Get exercise during the day. Consider yoga, especially hot yoga. 5. Go to sleep and get up at the same time every day 6. Don't drink caffeine after noon 7. Make sure you are not being awakened with a bad bed/pillow 8. Don't drink too many liquids before bed that will get you up 9. When preparing for bed, occupy your mind with things other than work/school 10. Don't get in the habit of getting up at night and eating. Your body will get used to this and wake itself up 11. Consider reading a book at night if you can't sleep instead of using your computer. Don't use the computer in bed.
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Ritchie Ritchie
Sleeping pills should do the trick! joking.. step away from the computer and don't turn it back on until 10am tomorrow morning... Try reading a book in bed or something (but not an addicting one).
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Methuselah Methuselah
Turn off the TV, say your prayers to clear your head turn everything over to God and stop having anxiety over stuff. If you just get in a routine every night. It will get easier and easier. Do you go to church? If you do talk to the preacher about stuff.
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Joshua Joshua
Let's see... it helps if you try not to think about things while in bed, just close your eyes. (It makes sense for me. xD) as for going on the computer... Going on the computer / TV strains your eyes and it helps you stay awake, actually. It helps if you read a book or a magazine instead. 0:
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Happy Happy
Do more exercise and avoid anything 'stimulating' before bedtime, like computer games or exciting tv shows
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Egbert Egbert
dont just sleep just watch ur self take deep breath n watch ur breath relax ur mind from all thought n take deep breath ..as ur brain gets oxygen ur muscles r relax u get asleep try n do it.....
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