23 years old 4 week old and 19 mth old no job or home please help need advice?

23 years old 4 week old and 19 mth old no job or home please help need advice? Topic: Nc jobs application
July 18, 2019 / By Alisia
Question: I am 23 years old i just had my 2nd son on december 7th 2010. i have a 19 mth old as well .I am currently unemployed and without a place for my kids to lay their heads im livin from place to place night to night sometimes i hav my kids stay at my friends house and i sleep in an abandonded apartments at night. I am looking for a job but it seems like noone wants to hire me.It all started when i lost my job after i had my oldest childi was doing the same then i used income tax to get a place but lost that place by the time he turned 1.Then i had got pregnant again unexpected i do not believe in abortions so i had to do what i have to do i am just tryin to get on my feet again and make a good life for my kids what am i doing wrong in tryin to better myself.I do not want any judgement or negative comments i am doing my best to try to provide for my kids they are all i have i have no family my mom and dad walked out when i was 2 so i am all alone and dont want to walk out on my kids either please help me or give any advice about what i can do please im desperate and wanting to be able to provide for them a legal way. please any advice is greatly appreciated. i live in nc there is no housing avaible and to all the negative comments not needed im not giving my kids up they all i have my fiance is in prison i didnt get pregnant by just anyone we been together for 13 yrs and i fill out applications online all day long noone calls
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Upton Upton | 9 days ago
What state do you live in? In that situation I'd try seeking state help first maybe food stamps, WIC, housing. In Texas they will give you food stamps the same day you apply if you qualify and it sounds like you qualify and they would also start the child support process. This should get you started in the right direction. Whatever you do don't give up. Use this experience positively to teach your children so they don't end up down the same road. Remember every day you wake up on this side of the ground is a good day no matter how rough it gets. Also if your are religious I'm sure there are churches that would provide assistance to someone who is willing to put in the effort. In no way do I advocate living off the gov as a permanent solution.
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Upton Originally Answered: My daughter who is 23 has been away from me for the past 8 years. She came home a week ago with her boyfriend?
I hate to be the bearer of more bad news, but you are being conned into thinking you are helping "them", when, in fact, you are being WORKED out of your possessions. In case you don't know what "worked" means, roughly translated, the ex-con is conning you & your daughter is already under this guys "spell", so she is a part of the game that is being played on you. You need to learn how the game is played before you become the next victim. Please call your nearest parole office OR talk to a Detective & have them run a check on the boyfriend's name. I'm betting he is on the run & violating his parole from another County or State. DO NOT SIGN ANY VEHICLE OVER TO AN UNLISCENSED DRIVER. If you knowingly allow this, then you are breaking the law & that's exactly how this game is played. It starts out with a "favor" that will help them to get back on their feet, only NOT in the way that most people would assume a person gets back on their feet (with a regular job). The van is perfect for pulling off robberies & drug deals & transporting stolen goods. Unfortunately, your daughter is either very brainwashed or very naive if she is willing to be with this guy. The fact that she has an outstanding paraphenalia charge says that she has a drug problem or a judgement problem & she possibly was caught holding his drug paraphenalia & is trying to keep him from returning to prison. At any rate, you would be a complete fool if you allowed her any type of driving privledges without seeing the extent of the charges. She could be on the run too. This sounds like the typical "tweeker" mentality & you have been invaded by a type of con that is so basic & simple, yet so very difficult to spot if you have never been exposed to it. While you are at work & you think they are just sitting around & eating & watching TV, I'll bet that one or both of them have already gone through all your personal belongings & have written down social security numbers, liscense & ID numbers, I'll even venture that some of your jewelry & keys have or will come up missing & they will "find" them for you (after they have made copies). Be careful how you handle this, or you could have your life screwed up forever. I'd suggest that you have someone take them out to the movies & start looking through their belongings to gather evidence in case you will need it as leverage later on. These guys are very cunning & I doubt your daughter has a clue as to how she is being used. The problem is that she is over legal age & you can't help her now. She may have to do some jail time to get a good lesson as to where she was headed. Keep your mouth shut & do some investigating on your own until you know their actual status, because I think they are both lying to you. He is your biggest problem, so maybe if you can have him picked up, then you can work on helping your daughter. I wish you luck & strength, because you are going to need it in the coming days.

Robbie Robbie
where is/are your children's father(s)? why aren't they helping you? use contraceptives or don't have sex at all. it's fine if you don't believe in abortion, but if you were aware of your situation before you gave birth to your second child you should have put the child up for adoption to not only give yourself a better life but to ensure your child would have a better life. search for places near where you live that help people find jobs. they will not only help you find jobs, but they'll teach you many things about job hunting and skills that will help you apply for jobs. THAT is what you should do. and once you get a stable job, you should take classes at a local community college or online classes to get a degree in something to get your life really on track.
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Micah Micah
Get off the internet go to your nearest health depo get information on WIC and food stamps. Apply everywhere and I mean everywhere you can. You owe to your kids. Let the health department know you need emergency help. Ask the the health department for the nearest woman's shelter until you get a job and get passed on income housing. Please for your children! If you are struggling with an addiction please seek help. Your children are the number one priority. Also as hard as it is please please consider adoption, open adoption. Write letters, send pictures, and stay in contact you can pick the adoptive family. Your child will thank you later.
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Joss Joss
sorry to hear about ur situation it must be really hard i cant imagine what ur going through. my advice is to apply for government help i dont know what ur state offers but im sure they have some sort of housing program for people in ur situation
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Joss Originally Answered: Two intense 30 minute workouts a week in Gym vs. Light in-home 15 minute workout 6 nights a week?
I say it is time to give up your gym membership and do workouts in your home or outdoors if the weather is nice. Focus on bodyweight training to help you achieve the desired physique, health, and body image you are striving for. Especially if you are doing high intensity interval training with your bodyweight alone, you will burn more calories and work harder than going to the gym to use cardio machines or lift weights. The science behind bodyweight training is that you work many more muscles while doing a single bodyweight exercise simultaneously. When more muscles are worked, the more calories you will burn. Say for instance a pushup, yes you are working the shoulders, chest, back, and triceps, but you are also working the core and leg muscles to keep you stablized from falling. The traditional bench press on the other hand does not work that many muscles so you would be doing yourself a disservice with the bench press exercise yet you will see many guys focusing on their bench press max since they don't know any better unfortunately. I'm sure if you do your research you can find a library of bodyweight exercises that can be done along with their variations whether you want to make them easier or harder. You have a couple of options for workout ideas that I'll give to you off the top of my head. If you don't know what any of them are, google search them and you will find the answer. You could do bodyweight circuit training, mixing up different exercises and turning them into a circuit for however many rounds you feel you may be able to go. For example, I could do 3 minute rounds, 1 minute pushups, 1 minute mountain climbers, 1 minute jump squats, take a 1 minute break, then go on to the second round. TABATA is another great option and excellent if you are extremely short on time but still want to fit in a workout. 4 minutes total, 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest and repeat until the 4 minutes are up. If you felt it was too short, you could always do more and perhaps choosing a different bodyweight exercise for your second round. If the weather seems pleasing for you, do some running workouts (instead of using a treadmill @ the gym) or do jumping rope exercises to get the cardio in while burning fat. If you have stairs in your home or there are some outside nearby your home, add stair workouts in. This is excellent for leg muscle stamina while expending countless calories. Instead of light in-home workouts, complete them at a much higher intensity instead. Research shows that higher intensity workouts (HIIT) is more beneficial for getting lean and toned because you will work harder in a shorter amount of time (usually no longer than 30 minutes) causing you to lose calories at a more rapid pace than if you were to use cardio machines or lift weights at the gym. On top of that, you will become more of a highly conditioned athlete ready to function at your best both during physical training and doing everyday chores. High intensity bodyweight training is perfect because you do not need a full hour to workout, a good choice I'd say if you don't have all the time in the world for exercise, which most people don't. The pros heavily outweight the cons for in-home bodyweight training. You save time and money by not having to spend money each month on gym membership, not having to wait for someone to finish a cardio machine or weight station anymore, not having to drive to and from the gym, not having to spend extra money on gasoline for driving to and from the gym, and the list goes on. Ultimately, when you learn that your body is your gym, you feel independent knowing that you no longer depend on a gym to get in shape. As long as you have enough space to do a proper push up, your training can be done anywhere in the world under any circumstances. Since you would be doing high intensity interval training, it's best to start training 3 days a week as a minimum. If you feel your body can tolerate more later on, you can increase to 4-6 days a week (although 6 days a week may not be necessary since the purpose of HIIT is for you to not have to workout that many days of the week). The key is to stay consistent. You don't have to workout everyday or almost everyday but you do need to workout at least bare minimum 2-3 times a week to maintain a healthful state or see some progression. It's better to do this than to workout 6 days for one week and only workout one day the following week. Keep a steady rate of training days each week, it should not be a constant roller coaster. As your job is very sedentary, I suggest to you at least every hour to get up and walk around for at least 5 minutes. You will be doing your body a favor. Human bodies are designed to move, not to sit for prolonged hours. There are many health benefits for following this simple rule rather than to sit without standing for too many hours. If you want to be more active yet, do some jogging in place during your work break or during your 5 minutes getting off of your chair. If the weather is nice, walk outside for however long you please. The point is to get your body moving at all costs and reduce your sedentary lifestyle as much as possible. With that said, you also really want to make sure you are focusing on proper nutrition, choosing healthful foods over processed ones. A terrible combination would be living a sedentary lifestyle while consuming high calorie unhealthy food. This is where weight gain and terrible health consequences come into play. Make sure you are conscious about that. Hopefully I have answered your question, best of luck!

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