Aaa! The Doctor is DEAD?

Aaa! The Doctor is DEAD? Topic: How to write a story on episode
July 19, 2019 / By Alissa
Question: Are they going to have a new Doctor just for the final episode of this series? It's against the rules to have the Doctor regenerate and still look the same! But then again, his daughter/clone regenerated without changing appearance. Is David Tennant *really* going to be Doctor until 2010, or has the Doctor Who Team lied to us, just to keep the story a surprise? Or have they written a wickedly clever and twisted story that somehow restores DT as Doctor? Someone reassure me, please. How cool would it be if they brought back Paul McGann to be interim Doctor, if they do need a one-episode-only Doctor?
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Urban Urban | 1 day ago
Despite appearances at the end of the last episode, David Tennant is continuing as the Doctor. He was spotted earlier this year filming scenes for both "Journey's End", and the 2008 Christmas special (see the links 1 and 2 below for photographic evidence), so unless that was all massive hoax by the Doctor Who production team (which I doubt the BBC would shell out the money for), they must find a way around the "regeneration" so that the Doctor keeps his current appearance. Also, in the latest issue of the Radio Times, Russel. T Davies talks about writing the dialogue between David Tennant and Catherine Tate for "Journey's End". This seems to confirm that Tennant continues as the Doctor. And to put a cap on it, the listings page on the BBC web site for Doctor Who on Saturday has David Tennant heading the cast as the Doctor. David Tennant has also stated in recent interviews that he will return to Doctor Who in January (after his current stint with the Royal Shakespeare company) to film the 4 specials scheduled for 2009 - three feature length specials and the 2009 Christmas episode. In addition, it was reported a few days ago that the BBC are about to offer Tennant a £1.3 million deal to continue playing the Doctor in series 5 (see link 3), and rumour has it that it could possibly even be a 3 year contract which would take him through to 2012. How they will actually get around the regeneration scene is another question. There are a number of theories kicking around. One is that the Doctor regenerates, but that the 11th looks exactly the same as the 10th. Another is that it isn't a full regeneration and the Doctor's damaged cells just regenerate within his current form. Another is that the hand in the jar somehow prevents the Doctor from changing, and yet another is that the regeneration is botched and instead of changing he splits into 2 or more separate Doctors. So you can take your pick from those or come up with your own theory. We will obviously find out the truth on Saturday though. Edit: Funnily enough, I hear tell that Russel. T Davies was having a "working lunch" with Paul McGann a couple of weeks ago. A possible 8th Doctor apperance in one of the 2009 specials perhaps?
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Robert Robert
I think the repeated close-ups of his hand in the hand TARDIS (the cut off hand), together with Davros's reference to creating Dalek's from his own cells, is I think a clue that he gets regenerated from his hand or something. My money is definitely on Tennant staying. But the exciting thing is that I'm not 100% certain. Roll on Saturday!
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