What would have happened if the computer hadn't been invented?

What would have happened if the computer hadn't been invented? Topic: Rules for writing an essay in english
July 19, 2019 / By Alix
Question: hey everyone....i have to write an essay in english...i am not from england, canada, usa or australi, so i cannot speak english very good...i would like to help me with this... plz...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thnx............ with all the respect, Sara
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Uriah Uriah | 4 days ago
Sara, The computer is nothing more than mankind's search for answers to questions that evade us. The challenge of developing such a device as the computer was a major challenge to mankind. We often forget that the laptops, home pc's, were predated by the first workable computer unit at the Univ. of Penn in the 1940's. Today we take usability and access for granted. In the early 1970's my access to a computer was through using a keyboard system of punching holes in cards that could be read by a special "computer system" or program. Where would the world be? The leaders of our countries were taught how to calculate with sliderules, not calculators. Half of America does not know how to operate a computer in a competent manner. We depend on the second half to guide all of us through the years. Primative, by today's standard, computers allowed people to go to the Moon. The same systems allowed them (AP13) to return to earth safely. So many of the daily things we take for granted are because of computer research. In thirty plus years the impact of computers on society superceeds anything known to us. Sara, the original Mercury Astronauts went into space with little but a slide-rule and hope. Technology went forward and developed the thing we know as computers (even though it existed in the 50's) Today we, you and me, enjoy and need this medium. From the chinese abbascas, to the slide rule, the computer was a natural progression. The world without a computer today would be nothing more than the world in the 1880's . That was a time of world hunger and famine. The computer did not cure either but allows us to put our efforts to the proper place. The world without a computer would probably be a less busy place. It would probably allow for more person to person communication. Despite all these benefits, it is not the world we live in.
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Rod Rod
You could make it into a philosophy question. Things are as they are and can't be any other way because this is how they turned out. The computer has been invented. Is there a point in talking about what if it hadn't? That's what I would ask my teacher. Anyway, we already have an idea about what life was like before technology. Fundamentally, people have not changed it all. The only changes to our lives has been on a surface level.
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Michah Michah
Hello Sara, I don't profess to know all the details but I can give you a little history. First, I credit the computer and many other inventions to our late President John F. Kennedy, who in the early 60's got the money from the Congress to pursue the space program. Out of the space program development have come many things not associated with space. For ex, miniaturization, making electronics and parts smaller to do the same job; and many medical devices that have assisted heart patients. So the answer to your question is this, we would still be living in a very crude world - no iPods, less-efficient cars. But many electronic devices you see in hospitals today would be much bigger and costlier. Hope this helps...
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Juda Juda
Good question, business nowadays depends on computers, and email is such a convenience. I imagine things would be a lot worse, more paper records, less automation. People would still be using type writers and abacus'.
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