Does anyone agree with me that nothing is random?

Does anyone agree with me that nothing is random? Topic: Flip case s view
July 18, 2019 / By Allana
Question: For example, you might say flipping a coin is random but I think it is not. You can calculate the speed of which the coin is flipping, how high the coin is flipped, gravity's effect on the coin, what side the coin starts on, any environmental factors(wind), etc. If you replicate those results exactly the coin will always land on that side wont it?
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Urian Urian | 5 days ago
In theory, yes. You're probably right in the case of a coin. If you could measure all the factors, then yes, you could predict whether it landed heads or tails up. The only reason you might be able to do this for a coin is because the determining factors are primarily the force you apply to the coin and its rate of spin. The other factors (changes in air density or whatever) might well be negligible in relation to a coin toss. I'd imagine it is possible to build a machine that tosses a coin and always gets it to land heads up. More generally, it isn't true though. The reason from a macroscopic view is chaos theory. Any small variation in input parameters may actually dramatically affect the outcome. So the reason humans have difficulty tossing coins to land heads or tails up is because we can't control the force we apply to sufficient precison. Even small changes in the force from flip to flip dramatically alter the outcome.
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Roddy Roddy
If you can do that with the flipped coin, please publish your results. There have been a lot of high paid, highly regarded mathematicians who have tried and failed. In fact, Einstein is said to have said something like "God doesn't roll dice." He didn't believe in the random nature of nature either. But, especially at the quantum level, things do indeed lend themselves to probabilistic solutions rather than deterministic. And one can't argue with success. Bottom line, no one has been able to make that coin behave deterministically.
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Michaya Michaya
Thanks to chaotic systems and the uncertainty principle of quantum mechanics, there are a lot of physical systems that are essentially random in a very fundamental way. Even if you want to claim that the universe is deterministic, it is actually impossible to observe the initial conditions necessary to predict every future state.
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