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July 19, 2019 / By Alleen
Question: 25+0.45n=40=0.25n In my math book it says the answer is 75 but I can't figure out how to get that number.
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Utai Utai | 7 days ago
25+.45n=40-.25n add .25n to both sides 25+.70N=40 SUBTRACT 25 FROM BOTH SIDES .7N=15 DIVIDE BOTH SIDES BY.7 HUH AND I GOT 21 SO NEVERMIND HAHA SORRY
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I'll do #7 as an example, it's very simple. 5c + 2 - 3c = 10 Collect like terms. So now we have: 2c + 2 = 10 You can subtract 2 from each side. 2c + 2 - 2 = 10 -2 2c = 8 c=4
Utai Originally Answered: Homework help fast! (Math) Warning: May a math genius.?
To get help, it might be good to at least try to get the image top side up...this stuff looks like basic algebra. The idea is to get all the stuff with letters on the left side, and all the numbers on the right side. Usually, they spend weeks getting to this point, so it's pretty tough to explain it if you aren't up to speed.

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In #1, is the 9000 ft. horizontally, or along the descending flight path. It makes a difference. Assuming it is along the descent, sine of angle x is 1500/9000 Find the sine as a decimal, and then look up or calculate the angle. Do you understand sines and cosines? If you don't you don't have a prayer on the next test. In #2, Draw a picture. You will see that the sine of 42 degrees is 20 over X Find X by writing an equation with X in it. These are all done pretty much the same way. Draw a picture and then write an equation using sines or cosines.
Utai Originally Answered: HELP NEEDED! MATH HOMEWORK? Math Questions?
Ok I'm sorry about not giving you actual answers... I figured if I told you this maybe you'd get it. I just wanted to tell you that the Pythagorean theorem, and the sine, cosine and tangent of the triangles are REALLY gonna help you with these. Just in case you didn't already know... sine= opposite/hypotenuse cosine= adjacent/hypotenuse tangent= opposite/adjacent You know how to use these, right? Just in case you don't... if you wanna find a side length... let's say you're working with a 20 degree angle, the side opposite of this angle is 10 and you want to find the hypotenuse, write this out... sine of 20 degrees= 10/x... then you just solve for x. And if you wanna find an angle measure with side lengths... say that the side adjacent to the angle is 10 and the other adjacent side is 15 (this side is the hypotenuse) then on your calculator you type in 10/15 and then 2nd or INV and then COS... the number displayed will be the angle measure. Hope this helps...

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