I have to write a 4 page typed rough draft by friday. I can't do that?

I have to write a 4 page typed rough draft by friday. I can't do that? Topic: Website that writes essays for you
July 18, 2019 / By Allene
Question: Today in my English Composition I class, my professor gave us an essay assignment and four topics to choose what we want to write about. The rough draft is due on friday, which isn't a problem, but the fact that the paper has to be 3 1/2 to 4 pages and typed, is a problem. I'm sorry, but how am I supposed to write a 4 page rough draft paper in a day and have it at least be decent?! And to make things worse, my professor says, 'I know you have other classes, but if you just sit and focus, you can be done this paper in 20 or 30 minutes.' Are you kidding me???! No we can't! I'm just in a bad mood and venting, but I would also like help, with the paper and with my emotions. My topic is to write about the difference between how adults speak and children/teenagers speak, and the differences between the two.
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Best Answers: I have to write a 4 page typed rough draft by friday. I can't do that?

Uthai Uthai | 8 days ago
I understand your frustration and frankly, given the subject I think your teacher is being unreasonable and demeaning. It's not that you or a few of your fellow classmates are incapable of producing this, it's just pushing a deadline for something that could have been given to your class on Monday. I suspect that the instructor wants your drafts on Friday to look over on the weekend. Having said that, you got to get past it and settle down and just do the work. Get a notebook and start brainstorming. Write down all of what you know or think about the subject. Talk to your family and siblings or friends to flesh out some ideas and get additional thoughts. Research some websites that lead you to places that address the subject and just start reading. Save the information from those sites and make certain you include the proper information required to credit that information. Start putting it all together and you'll find you have more information that you need to fulfill this assignment. Keep in mind this a rough draft so don't waste time perfecting it. This instructor has given you some insight into what he will continue to expect. Now you know, get past it and don't let it stir you up the next time it happens because you can bet it will. I guarantee there are many students less capable than you that have done this work and passed this class. You're going to do just fine.
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Rodge Rodge
Why not start with an outline? Write down the main points you want to make in your paper. Write a topic sentence for each point and develop each into a paragraph. Supplement each point with 2-3 paragraphs to explain, back up, or, exemplify the point. Then all you need is an opening paragraph and closing paragraph. Building your paper this way is out of order, but it works.
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Micky Micky
Starting is the most imprtant thing, nothing happens until you do. It's a rough draft so it doesn't have to be good, just write and let the chips fall where they may. Use a topic or idea then qoute twoo or three parts from some book to pad it. or as a digression. use lots of humor (again quote mark twain oscar wilde or some other name)
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Jules Jules
The task is far from impossible. Yep, you probably could write it in less than an hour. Your paper is about the differences between how adults and teens/children speak? Well, just write about it. Go on.... Good Luck!
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Harri Harri
In the time you took to write this question you could have done 1/3 of a page. Why do you think you will have trouble actually producing the paper in time?
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